State Veterinarian Says “This is the way to do it..”

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Big Buck Project in the News.  Article below by Jeff Dute, read full story here.

In an effort to enhance the deer herd’s genetic structure and possibly spur economic activity, organizers of a new program in Marengo County plan to begin releasing breeder bucks with proven trophy potential at numerous sites this fall.

The Big Buck Project — A Whitetail Enhancement Program is being led by Walter Tutt, owner of Tutt Land Company in Linden, and Hale Smith, one of his sales associates and land managers.

Smith said the project, which has never been done before in Alabama on the scale organizers are planning, was born during conversations this summer concerning results of a five-year study Tutt oversaw inside a landowner’s 1,300-acre enclosure.

“Marengo County is legendary among the Black Belt counties for our deer herd and the number of big bucks we have up here,” Smith said. “We were trying to think of ways to make it better and maybe find out just what kind of quality deer herd we can have.”

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