About Us

The Tutt Family has more than 70 years experience in owning, managing, and developing rural land.

There are many reasons why listing with us is the best decision a seller can make. The Tutt Land Company name is synonymous with premier hunting and timberland tracts. The Tutt Family has more than 70 years experience in owning, managing, and developing rural land. In 1991, after many years of developing recreational tracts, we decided to start Tutt Land Company to assist our clients in buying and selling rural land. We have helped many of our clients realize the financial advantages of investing in land and timber.  that have handled real estate brokerage sales in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee. TLC is a full service real estate and land management company offering development services, timberland management and brokerage of land, residential and commercial properties.

Our Services

As a full-service real estate company, Tutt Land Company offers every service you need to complete a real estate transaction. We can handle development, management, and brokering different types of property sales in Alabama

Positioning your property in front of as many potential buyers as possible is our ultimate goal. That’s why listing with us is the best decision a seller can make! Through our intensive regional marketing campaign, we present our client’s properties in print ads, television shows, commercials, billboards, multiple websites and have been featured on several shows on the Outdoor Channel. We attend Deer and Hunting Expos and use our unique in-house produced hunting and fishing videos to expose your property and Tutt Land Company to an even wider audience of potential purchasers. We occasionally have famous outdoor personalities go hunting with us to help us not only promote the Tutt Land Company brand but to also get more exposure for your property.

We are continuously updating our website to better serve our clients. Tutt Land properties get maximum online exposure and will consistently rank at the top of online searches for land. Tutt Land Company invests heavily in online marketing on all the top National Land listing sites as well as social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

There is no other company out there today that can match our marketing horsepower and expertise. If you are interested in getting your property exposed to the most potential purchasers, please contact one of our professional real estate agents today!

Trusted Land Professionals

It is a fact that there is no other land sales team that has as much experience as the professionals at Tutt Land Company. Our staff includes registered foresters, land managers and wildlife experts that meet with our team to educate our agents on how to evaluate each aspect of the components of a tract of land.

Walter Tutt takes each agent to developed (recreational) properties to give them a vision of what can be accomplished on rural land. Our foresters spend time with each agent by giving them insight into the various timber products and latest trends in the timber market.

You can count on the Tutt Land Company team to know their product and provide the customer with a very professional land purchasing experience.

Benefits of Investing in Land

There are many benefits of investing in property throughout Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama. Much of the rural landscape is suitable for outdoor recreational activities, which is appealing to many. Others purchase property for a timber investment, but whatever you are looking for, we are the right company to help you find it and broker the sale.

Find the Right Property Today

Don’t wait to call us if you are looking for rural land in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, or Mississippi. We are the experts, and we have the resources needed to find you the perfect tract no matter how many acres you are looking for. Give our agents a call and we’ll start working for you today! Looking for something in a specific area? Allow us to use our Tutt Land Company network to find you a property.


1. How much does a survey normally cost?

$.50+/- per linear foot

2. What is stumpage that I hear foresters referring to?

Stumpage is the amount of money that the landowner gets paid for their timber. It is the landowners portion only.

3. How much money will a landowner receive for a first thinning on a pine plantation?

Typically, the timber harvest will yield 35 tons/acre+/- at an average stumpage price of $9/ton. This totals $315/acre. The stumpage price for the timber will depend on the demand for pine pulpwood and the area of the state that your timber is located in.

6. How much does a typical water well cost?

The cost of a typical house well should be in the $7,500 to $12,500 range. It depends on the conditions of the drilling and the depth to good water.

4. Is there a pond site on the tract?

Generally, the topographic map will indicate if a tract of land has a potential lake site. It is recommended to hire a lake consultant to check the feasibility of the site. The type of soils and the acreage of watershed are the two most important factors.

The site will also need to be evaluated from a permitting standpoint.

5. How much does it cost to run power to a tract of land?

This question is site specific and it also depends on the power company that services the area. Different power suppliers have different rates, but a minimum to figure on a 1/4 mile line should be $3,500 for an Alabama Power service.

7. Where can I borrow money to buy land?

Consult with your land agent and they will give you the names of several lenders in your region that understand rural land lending. All Tutt Land Company agents have multiple lenders that we can recommend for timber, farm and hunting land loans.

8. What is the basis on the land that I bought?

The basis is the amount of money you paid for the tract and it should be allocated for each aspect of value on your property. For example, if you purchased a land and timber investment tract, then part of your purchase price is for dirt and part of the price is for the timber. They should be kept separate on your books. When you harvest timber, you should not realize a taxable gain on your timber until you harvest more than the original value of the timber.

9. How do I know if I have any mineral rights or how do I know if I am buying mineral rights?

A title company or an attorney that specializes in mineral rights can determine through a specific title search who owns the mineral rights for a tract. Most tracts that are sold today have all or a portion of the mineral rights reserved.

10. How do I know how much timber is on the tract?

We recommend that you consult with a local forester or timber dealer and allow the respective company to represent a timber value for the tract.