Tennessee, Alabama

James White

James White, Tennessee, Alabama

Cell: 205-454-6004


James grew up in West Tennessee, where he spent his formative years working alongside his father on their family farm. This early exposure to the intricacies of farming instilled in him a profound appreciation for the land and its ability to sustain and provide for their family. Beyond his agricultural pursuits, James has a deep-seated passion for hunting and fishing, and he also enjoys driving around the countryside, marveling at the expansive farmlands and the diverse crops they yield.

He is not just a mere observer of the farming community; James is also a proud farm owner. Through personal experience, he has come to understand the challenges that come with being a farmer or landowner, as well as the unparalleled joys and rewards it brings.

Interestingly, James's professional journey took him away from the farm and into the world of dentistry. He set up his practice in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and dedicated three decades of his life to the profession before retirement. Upon retirement, he felt the pull of his roots and returned to Martin, Tennessee.

His deep-seated love for the land led James to associate with Tutt Land Company. He embarked on this new journey with a singular mission: to help others realize their dreams of land ownership and to let them experience the myriad rewards that come with responsible land stewardship.