Emanuel County, Georgia

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Land for Sale Emanuel County, GA

Situated in Southeast Georgia, Emanuel is county number 39 in the state. The county, which broke off from Montgomery and Bulloch, borrows its name from governor and war veteran, David Emanuel. There are around 681 square miles of land and 9.6 square miles of water in Emanuel County. Adjacent counties include Jefferson to the north, Toombs to the south, Candler to the east, and Johnson to the west. Emanuel's seat is Swainsboro, also nicknamed "Crossroads of the Great South'' because of its position at the Route 1 and 80 intersection.

Average Cost of Georgia Real Estate

A quick Google search reveals hundreds of rural parcels for sale in Emanuel County, GA. In total, the county has approximately 600 acres of listed acreage valued at $7 million. This pushes the average price to $266,382.

Find Your Hunting Lot

Emanuel County, GA is the absolute hunter's paradise with thriving turkey and deer populations. Investing in hunting land for sale is an opportunity to improve conditions for wildlife survival. For example, you can create food plots and water points to preserve animal populations.

What's more, owning such properties improves your shot at scoring animals since you're not competing with other hunters. Maintaining hunting land is also easy. Unlike agricultural land, you don't need to tend to your crops. Similarly, you don't have to renovate any building(s) as you would on residential properties.

If you like fishing, you could explore your natural pond or find some bluegill, catfish, redbreast, and shellcracker on your river lot property. Emanuel County boasts numerous streams, including the Ohoopee and Canoochee Rivers, as well as creeks like Bark Camp, Fifteenmile, and Sardis.

Timberland in Emanuel County, GA

Pine pulpwood, red oak pulpwood, pine sawtimber; you name it, different timber varieties do well in Emanuel County. Before the arrival of Emanuel County’s earliest white settlers, pine barrens covered most of the county. 

As farmers cleared part of these forests, timber-related industries like sawmills and turpentine stills emerged soon after.

You can never go wrong with timberland investments. First off, trees allow flexible harvesting—you could sell mature timber and wait for the rest of your forest to grow. You can even postpone the harvest until timber prices bounce back or you find a suitable seller. Another selling point is timber's low volatility. Ordinarily, timber prices are steadier than stocks and other securities.

Timberland is also a very diverse property. Besides planting trees, your property doubles as an adventure trail and wildlife hotspot. More land could also serve as a campsite. The best part is you preserve the environment while at it. In addition to conserving forest ecosystems, wooded tracts clean the air, provide shade, and act as natural windbreakers.

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