Lowndes County, Mississippi

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Land for Sale Lowndes County, MS

Lowndes County, which rests on the eastern boundary of Mississippi has 506 and 11 square miles of land and water, respectively. It borders Monroe County to the north, Noxubee to the south, Oktibbeha to the west, and Clay County to the northwest. Lowndes County, MS is every nature lover's dream. You can visit the Lake Lowndes State Park for individual, group, and family fun activities. This 150-acre lake park presents endless opportunities for fishing and sports, such as tennis, football, water skiing, softball, and boat launching. You could also camp overnight or sleep in vacation cottages and cabins. Moreover, you can take advantage of the hilly terrain in Lowndes County to go hiking. While the eastern edge of the county features the rugged Fall Line Hills, the Black Belt on the western side of the Tombigbee comprises gentle rolling hills with low reliefs.

Average Cost of Land for Sale in Lowndes County, MS

Out of Mississippi's 82 counties, Lowndes County ranks 67th in terms of total land listings. Lowndes County, MS has approximately $25 million of rural real estate land for sale, including ranches and farms. That makes for a total of 1,252 acres, with an average price of $309,535. Note that land prices vary with available amenities.

For instance, rural real estate commands higher values when it neighbors shopping centers, schools, and medical facilities. Improvements also affect land for-sale values. For instance, you'll fetch a good price for a parcel with a water supply system, fence, and/or house/farm. However, dilapidated buildings on the land for sale may result in a status price drop.

Buy Timberland in Lowndes County, MS

With 40% of the area being wooded, investing in Timberland in Lowndes County, MS is a good idea. First, forested land multiplies your investment because of the guaranteed biological growth. You land tons of timber when you leave your trees to grow and increase in density and weight.

You also uphold environmental responsibility when you purchase timberland property. In addition to cleaning the air through unused, forested land, you also provide wildlife habitat. Forested properties are also an ideal land home site. You can build your dream house between large oak trees and other tree varieties to enjoy wind-breaking benefits.

Explore Agricultural Land Listings in Lowndes County, MS

The first European American settlers in Lowndes County, MS chose this upland region to grow cotton. However, fertile Lowndes County, MS land favors many other crops, including, corn, beans, tobacco, and peas. Veggies, sweet potatoes, berries, melons, and tree nuts also do well on these land lot types. Furthermore, you can use the land for sale in Lowndes County, MS for livestock farming. You could keep poultry, cattle, horses, donkeys, and pigs. Aquaculture also thrives in the area with farmers raising catfish, crawfish, and tilapia.

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