Chase Christian

Chase Christian, Alabama

Cell: 205-712-0857

Chase's passion for land began at a young age, working alongside his uncles and grandpa, skidding wood during his summer breaks. His strong work ethic and connection to the land led him to pursue a degree in land surveying and a minor in business from MSU.
While attending college, Chase discovered another facet of his love for land when he started doing excavating work using old family equipment. It was during this time that he realized the potential to create his own business, and since then, he has never looked back. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he established his own successful enterprise.
Early in his entrepreneurial journey, Chase purchased his first recreational tract of land. However, it presented challenges, such as a troublesome beaver population, minimal roads, and no food plots. Through his dedication and hard work, he transformed the property, enhancing its value and subsequently selling it. This experience ignited a newfound appreciation for land development and inspired him to delve into the real estate market, buying and selling both recreational and residential properties.
Every day, Chase has the privilege of working closely with landowners, helping them turn their dreams into reality. As a trusted land professional, he takes great pride in assisting individuals in achieving their vision for their properties. Whether it involves buying, selling, or taking a property to the next level, Chase's expertise and commitment ensure a reliable and satisfying experience for his clients.
Beyond his professional endeavors, Chase and his wife strive to incorporate their deep connection with nature and their responsibility as stewards of the land into their everyday lives. They are raising their four children with these same values, instilling in them a profound appreciation for the environment and the importance of nurturing it.
In addition to his passion for land, Chase also finds joy in various hunting activities, with a particular focus on duck, deer, and squirrel hunting. He also has a strong affinity for fishing, cherishing the moments spent connecting with nature's bounties. Chase considers himself blessed that the Lord has entrusted him with the ability to shape and enhance His creation according to other people's visions. With his dedication, knowledge, and unwavering commitment, Chase is your go-to land professional, whether you seek to buy, sell, or elevate your property to new heights.