Land For Sale in Lamar County, AL

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Land Investment Opportunities in Lamar County, Alabama

Choosing to invest in the purchase and development of Lamar County, Alabama land for sale is a very enjoyable and profitable business venture, but you must be informed of the specific attributes of the property for sale before you make a decision. Lamar County, AL is a prime location to buy land for sale at a reasonable price that can meet the varied needs of different types of property buyers. Since Lamar County, Alabama features rural land that is perfect for every type of use, from vacation getaways and private hunting grounds to land for sale with vast forests that are ideal for timber harvest, many buyers choose land in this area.

Lamar County, AL Natural Resources

The temperate climate in Lamar County, Alabama is an asset to the land for sale in the region. It allows for the proliferation of various types of wildlife that buyers enjoy hunting and fishing, as well as many valuable hardwood trees. These lush timber forests not only provide a home for the array of wildlife that thrives in the region but also offer an investment opportunity that many buyers can’t pass up. The wild boar, turkey, and white-tailed deer who make their home in these forests provide ample opportunity for sportsmen to create a personal hunting ground that they will use for years to come. Hunting enthusiasts who have bought land for sale in Lamar County are always impressed by the population of trophy bucks that they find on this Alabama land.

The land listings that Tutt Land Co. is known for brokering across the state of Alabama are well suited to nearly any type of buyer. Many of the parcels of land that investors find for sale in Lamar County include creeks that feed the Tombigbee River. Those who buy land for sale in Lamar County enjoy cooling off in these creeks on hot summer days and fishing as a relaxing pastime. Alabama streams are known for their abundance of bass, bream, redeye, and spotted bass, which can often be found on properties for sale here.

Perhaps the most beneficial feature of land for sale in Lamar County, AL is its potential for timber revenue. The forests of Alabama have always been a rich source of timber, and the industry has been picking up in recent years, which attracts new land buyers all the time. The current average price of land for sale in Lamar County, AL is $321,392, but with interest growing every year, the land is certain to increase in value. Investors lean towards timber as an investment over farming and ranching because it requires little maintenance and no need to lease the land to another party to farm. 

Once the sale is complete, buyers are able to enjoy the land they purchase and let the trees grow on their own. There are many species of pine trees that are native to the forests of Lamar County, and many varieties of valuable oaks and other hardwoods make the land for sale in this area well worth the investment. The mild climate in this part of Alabama provides an ideal environment for the growth of these forests.

Accessing AL Land for Sale

One of the concerns of most rural land investors is whether they will be able to easily access the property they find for sale for development and use for outdoor activities. The land for sale in Lamar County is easy to get to via the county infrastructure that features roads that allow landowners to easily access their property at any time of the year after the sale is complete. Once the sale is finalized on your Lamar County land, reaching the land with construction materials and equipment is facilitated by these quality roads. Another concern property buyers often express is access to the power grid in the area, and this is another benefit of buying land in Lamar County, AL. If you choose to build a hunting lodge on the property you find for sale, connecting electricity is not a problem on most of this land.

What Other Resources Are Available on Lamar County, AL Land for Sale?

There are many reasons to buy land for sale in Lamar County, and anyone who has a passion for the outdoors can always find activities to keep them occupied. In addition to being able to hunt on your own land and enjoy small tributaries, the Tombigbee River is well known for its abundance of various types of fish. This watershed is home to over 125 species of fish, and the fish attract various waterfowl to the entire county. If you like to change things up and hunt outside your own property at times, hunting clubs like Triple Forks Hunting offer unique experiences in hunting turkey and wild deer that roam freely on their property. They are also known for the fine opportunities for fishing tiger bass in the waters of the hunting clubland.

How to Purchase Alabama Land in Lamar County

Most investors are looking for land that is known for its natural resources and offers potential for a great return on investment when they are searching for land for sale. The rural land in Lamar County, AL has everything that these buyers are looking for in a property. The best way to select the perfect land from the many properties for sale is to start with the Tutt Land Co. website. This platform maintains land listings that are accurate and detailed for land in the state of Alabama. The website listings feature detailed descriptions of each property, including amenities, the asking sale price, and a total number of acres for sale. Once you have an idea of which properties you are interested in, scheduling an appointment to see the land in person is the next step. You can get a great idea of what the land has to offer from the many pictures on the website, but most buyers want to see the land up close before finalizing a sale.

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