Eric Swanson grew up in the southwest corner of New York until he was eight years old. The area was known for its farmland and timber tracts. His Dad taught him how to hunt and fish there, and he
developed a lifelong love for the outdoors. Later, Eric moved to the Birmingham area in Alabama, which he now considers his home. Even though he lived in the city, he still found time for outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and camping, enjoying the state's natural beauty.

After graduating from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Eric started a successful career selling medical equipment. However, after twenty years, he felt the need to work for himself and do something closer to his love for nature. For the next seventeen years, Eric operated a business selling Polaris off-road vehicles and running a feed and seed store in Tuscaloosa. He loved serving customers who shared his passion for the outdoors, but the busy responsibilities left him with little time to fully enjoy nature.

Recently, Eric made an exciting career move to follow his true passion - the outdoors. Now, he helps clients sell their properties and find their perfect piece of land. This allows him to spend more time in
nature and assist others in achieving their real estate goals. For Eric Swanson, this new path is more than just a job change; it's a fulfilling journey that combines his love for the outdoors with his desire to help others in the real estate world. With each transaction, Eric finds joy in connecting with nature and making land ownership dreams come true for his clients.

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