160 acres - Marengo County - Lock 3 Tract

$ 472,000

160 acres in Marengo County, Alabama,

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This is an outstanding recreational tract located in one of the premier deer hunting areas in Alabama, close to the community of Jefferson and the famous Jefferson Country Store. The square shaped, levelĀ  property is one half mile by one half mile. It is surrounded by other large recreational tracts. This property has a diverse habitat that is sure to attract a variety of wildlife. The internal trail system is wide and in excellent shape. You would never have to worry about scratching your truck.

There are five large, well established, and well maintained food plots. They have been planted for the current deer season. Next summer you could choose from several of the plots to make a nice dove field. There are also some long, straight and wide grass covered trails/roads. Some might refer to them as senderos. Two of the fields have a large, welded, extremely heavy built shooting platform that is 18' tall. I have never seen anything like them. They were built on site and cost over $5000 at the time. Your view out over the food plots is unbelievable.

There are over 10 acres of waterfowl habitat that wood ducks would have a hard time ignoring. One of the areas has the possibility of making it into a pond. In the southwest corner of the property is a beautiful stand of mature hardwoods consisting of mast trees such as swamp chestnut, willow oaks and swamp oaks. Natural regeneration areas have been growing vigorously for 6-8 years.

Unfortunately, the aerial map is not up to date and does not show the improvements the owner has made. Physical access to the property is good and the current owner has been using it for over three years but it is not deeded.

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