If you are in search of land for sale in Alabama, Bullock County has much to offer. Renowned as one of Alabama’s finest hunting areas, Bullock County is found in the southeastern part of the state. Property here lies within the historic Black Belt, a geographical region famous for its nutrient-rich black topsoil. AL land for sale in Bullock County also contains several water sources, the most important of which is the Conecuh River running through the heart of the county. The combination of fertile soil and extensive freshwater allowed the region to cultivate a booming agriculture industry during the Civil War. In the 20th century, primary land use evolved from agriculture to hunting, with many cotton and tobacco fields converted to game preserves. Land in Bullock County continues to hold its value when put up for sale.

Spanning 625 square miles, or 400,000 acres, Bullock County is ranked as 13th in the state out of 67 counties for the amount of land for sale. Currently, there are 9,897 acres available for purchase, an estimated total of $31 million in rural properties for sale, with an average price of $824,220 per property. For the year 2020, the National Agricultural Statistics Service records the value of Alabama’s farm real estate land listings at $3,150 per acre, cropland real estate at $3,500 per acre, and pasture real estate at $2,600 per acre.

AL Land for Sale in One of the State’s Best Hunting Areas

While all of Alabama boasts ample hunting and fishing resources, property in Bullock County is especially famous for its abundance. It features plentiful populations of wild turkey and white-tailed deer—every square mile of the county is home to over 30 deer. No need to shop for turkeys on sale at the market when you live on these properties. In fact, you will not have to look for much meat on sale when you invest in this land. Hunting is not only an enjoyable pastime but a recreation that actively supports the community and its citizens. Harvesting game feeds thousands of families every year through the modern method of food-plot hunting as well as traditional deer drives. Deer drives are social events, communal hunts in which individuals form groups to hunt together, then divide the meat equally among participants.

In addition to wild turkey and white-tailed deer, there are plenty of other animals that can be found in Bullock County, AL land for sale as well. Additional game you might encounter on your property include quail, dove, wild hogs, and large quantities of ducks that are drawn to the vibrant bodies of water and flat creek bottoms that are so plentiful in the area. In fact, over 20 species of ducks have been sighted on Bullock County land for sale, including mallards, canvasbacks, teals, and many others. In certain areas of Bullock County, hunters can also try their hand at bagging sandhill cranes, or even alligators.

Hunting maintains a substantial connection to the area’s history and serves as an extremely economically valuable resource for the state of Alabama. In 2006, the US Fish and Wildlife Service reported that property residents spent $654 million in hunting expenditures. When tourists are included, the figures are even higher. That same year, a whopping $4.4 billion was spent by tourists in the process of hunting, fishing, camping, boating, hiking, and bird watching. Clearly, an investment in such popular, bountiful land has a huge return. If you are seeking to improve your bottom line or diversify your portfolio, consider checking out land for sale in Bullock County, AL.

Top Hunting Land For Sale in Bullock County

Interestingly, Alabama’s Bullock County is one of very few lands in the southern US with an active fox hunting association. Rural land for sale does not get much better than that. A town in the northwestern part of the county named Fitzpatrick is considered by many experts as the number one property in the country for fox hunting. The area’s accommodations include nationally ranked hunting lodges for rent and even some for sale. If you are interested in participating in this elegant sport, consider checking out land for sale in Bullock County to secure your own little piece of the fox hunting realm.

If you prefer other forms of hunting, there are plenty of alternative opportunities in close proximity to properties for sale. From the beginning of the 20th century, a hunting preserve known as Sedgefields Plantation was created by avid hunter Lewis B. Maytag. Located near the county capital Union Springs, this 14,000-acre property has hosted scores of hunters from around the world. Every year from October to March, the property hosts field trials, which are competitions to test the ability of a bird dog to effectively point out quail hiding spots. Because it holds so many professional and amateur championships, Union Springs is referred to as the Field Trial Capital of the World. Tickets for sale to this event are highly anticipated. Prospective land owners with a passion for hunting will find themselves in one of the prime locations for the sport in the entire state.

Other Natural Features in Bullock County, AL

In addition to the various popular attractions for hunting enthusiasts nearby land for sale in Bullock County, prospective property owners will be pleased to learn all about Alabama’s Black Creek Plantation. This is the ideal destination for those with an interest in fishing, given the large variety of bodies of water featured, all within close proximity to land for sale. Depending on your preference, you can fish for largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, brim, and bluegill at any of the various ponds within the Bullock County plantation. Alternatively, you can travel to their 115-acre lake, which is kept well stocked with Alabama largemouth bass and crappie.

While the various species of fish available in this part of Alabama are the main attraction, Bullock County’s Black Creek Plantation does offer hunting opportunities as well. Licensed hunters are welcome to visit from their properties and hunt the white-tailed deer, feral hogs, turkey, and quail that are so plentiful in Alabama.

Another highlight near land for sale in Bullock County is the Wehle Tract, which can be accessed via the Wehle Nature Center. Operated by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, this 25-acre center was originally designed to teach visitors about various horticultural subjects and environmental issues. With over 1,505 acres of beautiful land, the Wehle Tract has specific areas designated exclusively for fishing and hunting. Hunt maps are readily available on the property.

Nature reserves in Bullock County, AL like the Black Creek Plantation and the Wehle Tract count on the sale of land nearby to increase the presence of hunters in the area, who in turn help keep the various populations of animals in check. Hunters are a big part of keeping Alabama’s wildlife in balance so they can continue thriving for years to come. When you purchase land for sale in Bullock County, you are not just investing in yourself; you are investing in the future of Alabama.

Find Alabama Land for Sale in Bullock County By Contacting the Experts at Tutt Land

In Bullock County, AL, hunting and conservation work together to support the needs of the community and their property, as well as preserving the environment. Investing in quality real estate is not only a financial decision but a practical one that will reap profit of all kinds for decades to come. To learn more about land for sale in Alabama’s Bullock County, contact the experts at Tutt Land. With over 70 years of experience in managing and developing rural land, we can help you make a sound investment in land for sale in Bullock County.

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