Land For Sale in Dekalb County, AL

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The Benefits of Becoming a Property Owner in Dekalb County, AL 

Land ownership can be a daunting prospect, considering all the various factors that contribute to the overall value of property for sale. That’s why it’s critical to start your search in the best general areas of land possible. Alabama land for sale is full of valuable natural resources, with plenty of tracts of rural land available for purchase in Dekalb County, AL. Located in the Cumberland Plateau, land for sale in Dekalb County, AL offers prospective property owners a wealth of natural assets and access to cities with a solid economy. The current average price of properties for sale in Dekalb County is $445,852—though the details may vary depending on the kind of rural land you’re wanting.

Using Dekalb County, AL Land for Sale for Hunting

One of the most common uses for tracts of land for sale in this part of Alabama are as private hunting grounds. The geography of Alabama allows for several creeks and small bodies of water to run through many parcels of Dekalb County, AL land for sale. This gives way to creek bottoms abundant with food and water that wildlife depend on to thrive. As a result, land for sale in Dekalb County is often populated with all sorts of game. The most common animal found in Dekalb County is white-tailed deer. Both bow hunters and those that prefer firearms are able to harvest plenty of deer in Alabama each year. In fact, the average deer harvest for Dekalb County is 369 per year, of which 56% is from bow hunting and 34% is from firearm hunting.

That being said, there are other animals present on land for sale in Dekalb County as well. Hunters who enjoy providing their family with freshly caught turkey will be pleased to hear that wild turkey are also a common sight for property owners. Other birds include dove, quail, and duck. For those looking for something a little more challenging, feral hogs are also native to Dekalb County, and may turn up on land for sale.

There are plenty of benefits to privately owning a hunting tract. As parcels of land for sale are considered private property, they see a lot less foot traffic than public hunting grounds. This ensures that the populations of wildlife in Dekalb County, Alabama exist in more dense groupings. As the property owner, you also have the freedom to customize the features of your property by adding hunting blinds to the best hunting spots on the land for sale. Because of the popularity of the sport in Dekalb County, AL, some of the properties of rural land available for sale via land listings have already been lightly developed for such a purpose. If you would prefer, you can easily locate tracts of hunting land for sale that have food plots at the ready, hunting trails cleared, and hunting blinds installed.

Open Land, Creeks, and Timber on Dekalb County, AL Land for Sale

Part of what makes Dekalb County property so attractive to wildlife is the combination of natural features and resources that are required to thrive. Creeks are very prevalent in Alabama, and can often be found on land for sale in Dekalb County. They serve as a much-needed water source for both the plant life and the wildlife in Alabama. The best hunting spots on a property are usually the creek bottoms, where acres of timber—consisting mainly of pine and hardwoods—intersect with the creek, offering an ideal home for animals like deer.

In addition to the creeks and timber found on Dekalb County, AL land for sale, many properties also feature stretches of open land. For Alabama property owners who wish to retain private ownership of the land for sale, these segments can be used for further construction and development. Alternatively, those more interested in re-listing the property for sale at a later date might choose to leave those segments untouched, to be later marketed as farmland or pastureland. These sorts of properties are highly coveted by farmers seeking to raise crops, or ranchers wanting to keep cattle or horses, making them valuable assets to investors. You could also opt to take advantage of NRCS initiatives if available and applicable. 

Purchasing Land for Sale in Dekalb County

To those prepared to venture into the world of land ownership, the next step is to access the Tutt Land Co. Alabama properties for sale land listings. Tutt Land offers up-to-date information on all tracts of land currently available for sale within Dekalb County, Alabama. Listings for sale are designed to provide as much information as possible to help prospective property owners determine whether or not the tract of land for sale will satisfy their needs. This includes an overview of natural resources and developments on the land for sale, in addition to basic information like acreage and sale price. Resources discussed include types of timber, game, and fish you may come across on the property, in addition to natural features like bodies of water. Developments might include structures pre-built on the property, as well as internal road systems added in for easy navigation. You can learn almost everything about the land conveniently online.

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