Lands for Sale in Bay County, FL, Florida

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Land for Sale Bay County, FL

Bay County resides on Florida's Emerald Coast in the northwestern part of the state. With Panama as its seat and largest city, the county has a population of 175,216 per the 2020 census. Bay County boasts a land area of 759 square miles and a water area of 708 square miles. It was formed in 1913 when the legislature broke off some sections of Walton, Calhoun, and Washington counties.

While Washington rests north of the county, Bay borders the Gulf to the southeast, Calhoun to the east, Walton to the west, and Jackson to the northeast. Moreover, Bay County hosts part of the Apalachicola National Forest, home to some of the rarest plant and animal species.

Cost of Land for Sale In Bay County, FL

Of all Florida counties, Bay ranks 21st in the total acreage for sale. This translates to around 7,032 acres of advertised land, with the lots with a combined value of $378 million. As such, expect average values of $460,046 on Bay County land for sale.

Wooded Land For Sale

Bay County's climate supports a lot of different timber varieties. For example, you can plant many deciduous trees like river birch, pond cypress, red mulberry, and pignut hickory. You could also opt for evergreen and semi-evergreen varieties like longleaf pine, southern magnolia, and live oak.

Timberland provides several profit opportunities. In addition to the appreciating parcel price, tree values increase with biological growth. Likewise, trees grow at different rates, allowing flexible harvesting. Although timber products are in high demand, you can delay your harvest while waiting for a favorable offer. Timberland also protects the Bay County forest ecosystem. Besides working as windbreaks, trees provide shade and wildlife habitats while cleaning the air.

Recreational Tracts in Bay County

Recreational land in Bay County is a diverse addition to your real estate portfolio. For instance, you can leave land vacant and use it as an outdoor studio or dog park. If you're thinking of structures, you could consider tents, domes, bubble huts, tiny homes, and even treehouses. Recreational tracts more bay county carry numerous benefits. Firstly, this investment is hands-off.

If your land is vacant, you won't encounter problematic tenants, leaking roofs, or broken pipes. The tax benefits, low price of property insurance, and absence of utility bills also make your undeveloped parcel affordable. Remember, the recreational tract appreciates over time in the long term. Additionally, you get a space for family bonding away from distractions—you could play sports, host a cookout, or even go biking on the property. You can even pass the land down to your children.

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Moreover, we explore properties with public figures and create promotional videos for further exposure. You'll be pleased to meet the various professionals in the Tutt Land team. If you have any queries about timberland in Bay County, we have registered foresters to explain the latest trends. We also engage land managers and wildlife professionals. Our real estate, Mississippi, crosses va various states, including Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennessee. Do you want to land in Bay County? Share your investment dreams with us; we are ready to help!