Land for Sale Tattnall County, GA

Land for sale in Tattnall County is attractive for several reasons. For starters, Tattnall has friendly individuals and a thriving economy. In addition to reasonable property costs, the area also offers a wide range of land choices, including agricultural, hunting, and recreational tracts. Tattnall County emerged in 1801, having broken off from Montgomery. The county derives its name from Josiah Tattnall, a politician and naval officer.


Tattnall County covers 488 square miles, 479 of which are land and 8.9 of which are water. Although its largest city is Glennville, Tattnall has Reidsville as its county seat. Tattnall resides in southeast Georgia, and borders counties like Toombs, Candler, Long, Emanuel , Wayne, Liberty, and Appling. You can access various streams when you invest in land for sale in this county. These include the Ohoopee River and creeks like Thomas, Slaughter, Watermelon, Beards, and Battle.

How Much Does Land Cost in Tattnall County?

This county has 3,086 acres of advertised land, making it 56th of 159 counties in terms of combined acreage for sale in Georgia. The total cost of these rural properties, hunting land for sale, and ranches is around $20 million, bringing average prices to $501,469.

Hunting Land in Tattnall County

From food to sport, hunting greatly contributes to your well-being. It's even better when you do it on your own nice, quiet tract of country land. For starters, hunting properties are stress-free investments since you don't have to put up a building or pay for agricultural input.

Additionally, the hunting land for sale in Tattnall County abounds in wildlife. You can trail mule deer, whitetail deer, hogs, turkey, quail, and ducks. Furthermore, you can improve the land for a better hunting experience. You could trim the shrubs on your Tattnall County land, drill water holes, and designate food plots.

Agricultural Property in Tattnall County

Agricultural parcels in Tattnall County have limitless potential. According to the recent Census of Agriculture, this county has 113,592 acres of agricultural land. Farmers grow different crops, from cotton and fruits to veggies and peanuts. Livestock also thrives in Tattnall County, with goats, pigs, sheep, and cattle being the animals of choice. Some farmers also specialize in poultry such as turkey and chicken.

The first reason to invest in agricultural land is the rising food demand. Whether you're farming by yourself or renting out land, your parcel remains profitable. Farmland also stabilizes your portfolio. That way, you have somewhere to turn to given the ebb and flow of the stock market and other investment opportunities. The best part is parcel values also increase over time.

We Can Help You Find Great Property in Tattnall County

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