Weakley County, Tennessee

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Land for Sale Weakley County, TN

If you're interested in Tennessee real estate, Weakley County is one of the best places to find land for sale. Occupying the northwestern side of the state, Weakley has several attractions, including the Bean Switch Refuge, Big Cypress Tree State Park, and sections of the Obion River Wildlife Management Area. Although Dresden is the county seat, Martin is Weakley's largest city. This county spans 582 square miles, 580 of which are land and 1.4 of which are water.

Cost of Weakley County, TN Land for Sale

Weakley County has approximately 2,297 acres of rural property listings. When ranking available land for sale, Weakley comes 57th out of all of Tennessee's counties. While the total cost of listed ranches, rural, and hunting land exceeds $38 million, Weakley County properties cost $264,042 on average.

However, several factors influence property values. Take the case of topography. When buying agricultural land, you’re likely to avoid hillside plots because of their shallow soil. On the other hand, hilltop soils are deep, although they’re lighter in color because of downward leaching. That's unlike the deep and dark valley soils that enjoy material accumulation and deposition from downward leaching and hillside erosion. As expected, fertile land for sale costs more than a parcel with weak soil. Location is another factor. Thriving populations and social amenities like colleges and health centers boost land values.

Become a Land Owner by Purchasing Forested Property

Weakley County, TN boasts an expansive forest cover with tree varieties like cherrybark, willow, chestnut oak, cypress, and overcup oak. By owning a wooded tract, you safeguard forest ecosystems to observe environmental responsibility. Likewise, you enjoy fresh air, wind-breaking benefits, and even increased rainfall levels.

But aside from the environmental benefits, timberland in Weakley County, TN also has profit potential. First, you make money by selling timber or leasing out the property for recreational uses. What's more, biological growth multiplies timber values as the land appreciates. Another advantage is flexible harvesting. Because trees differ in their growth cycles, you can sell timber without waiting for the entire forest to mature.

Get Hunting Land in Weakley County, TN

Hunting land for sale in Weakley County, TN abounds in wildlife, from geese and turkey to doves and whitetail deer. If you enjoy fishing, the county is home to species such as pike, bass, trout, and catfish. You enjoy various freedoms when you buy hunting land for sale. The first one is control. You can decide who accesses the property and even create a habitable environment for various animal species.

At the same time, you have a better chance of scoring animals since you don't compete with other hunters like state properties. Not to mention the memories that come with it. Nothing compares to exploring the outdoors with your family and friends. You can also pass down the land to future generations.

Tutt Land Company Is Always at Your Service

Tutt Land Company is one of the most reputable land sellers in Weakley County and beyond. The first reason to choose us is experience. Having been in the rural land scene for more than seven decades, we have all it takes to guide your property transactions. Moreover, we engage various professionals to interpret a parcel's components to our agents and clients. Say you're buying a wooded property, we have registered foresters to explain timber products and market trends.

Another strong suit is advertising. If you're selling Weakley County, TN land, we'll stop at nothing to deliver maximum exposure for your property. That includes advertising the land on national listing websites and social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, we leverage different channels to you and your property’s advantage. Do you want to land a great commercial lot? Let's talk about your property requirements in Weakley County.

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