Baldwin County, AL is one of Alabama’s most popular tourist spots due to its abundance of stunning natural features. Situated right along the Gulf of Mexico, it features beautiful waterfront properties and attractions, making it an attractive place to look for land on sale. Historically, Baldwin County owes much of its success to agriculture and deerskin trading in the early days of Alabama. This was facilitated by the purchase of affordable land by ambitious settlers. However, modern citizens of the US can benefit from closing a sale on a property in Baldwin County as well. Property ownership in Alabama is a sound investment opportunity, and there are plenty of tracts of land for sale in Baldwin County, AL.

The Benefits of a Waterfront Property for Sale in Baldwin County, AL

When contemplating finalizing the sale of a new property, the ability to get a satisfactory return on your investment off the land is a key consideration. Purchasing a waterfront property for sale in Alabama is especially attractive in this regard due to the high resale or rental value of the land. In addition to the Gulf of Mexico, other notable water features in Baldwin County, AL include Bon Secour Bay and Tensaw River, meaning that there are plenty of properties for sale in Baldwin County with such a feature.

Depending on your plans for the Alabama property and the budget you have at your disposal to close a sale, you can search for rural land for sale featuring access to a river or lake or opt to finalize the sale on a property that has already been developed for use to maximize the benefits.

Wildlife Present in Southern Alabama Land for Sale

The amount of water present in Southern Alabama allows for a high diversity of wildlife. Hunters will find ample amounts of turkey and duck within their property, and depending on your location, you may see high traffic of white-tailed deer as well. That being said, land for sale in Baldwin County will likely be particularly attractive to avid fishermen and lovers of seafood. Baldwin County is known for a phenomenon referred to as the “jubilee.” During the jubilee, all sorts of aquatic animals make their way into shallow water, making them extremely easy to collect. In fact, the event is so ingrained in the culture of Baldwin County that they host a massive Shrimp Festival every year, where participants are invited to indulge in large helpings of delicious, freshly caught shrimp.

The diversity of the wildlife in Baldwin County is so great that two areas within it have been granted the title of “Outstanding Alabama Water,” a title granted to locations with a high environmental status within the state by the Alabama Environmental Management Commission. Anyone who decides to purchase land for sale in Baldwin County will have access to one of the richest counties in the state.

Valuable Land for Sale in Baldwin County, AL

If you are wanting to turn a profit by investing in valuable land, Tutt Land has listings for sale in Baldwin County that have been developed for farm use. These large properties are plots of land for sale that feature fertile soil ideal for raising all sorts of crops that thrive in the warm Alabama climate, including corn, potatoes, peanuts, soybeans, and even cotton. The combination of the rich Baldwin County soil with the Alabama weather is extremely valuable for land owners.

That same soil is also key to the development of timber plantations, another asset for property owners in Baldwin County, Alabama. Because of the consistently high value of timber in Alabama, many of the plots of land for sale on Tutt Land feature healthy expanses of timberland, including large swaths of pine and hardwood trees. Unlike other investments, timber has steadily increased in value with little fluctuation over the last several years making it a very profitable asset, one you’ll likely want present on your land.

Those with a passion for hunting will have access to the natural wildlife drawn to such flourishing territories while retaining ownership of land filled with resources that are highly coveted. Should you ever decide to put your land up for sale, you will find those resources to be the key in making the sale a profitable one.

Rural Land with Urban Amenities for Sale

The unique advantage of properties for sale in Baldwin County, AL is the perfect balance between the privacy and serenity of a rural property with the convenience and flexibility of an urban location. Parcels of land for sale in Baldwin County are filled with lush vegetation that offers high amounts of privacy and a sense of distance from the stress of the modern world. However, the land for sale is close enough to larger Alabama cities to have convenient access to major roads, in addition to being easily connected to the power grid. This allows property owners to develop the land for sale without any obstacles, allowing them to truly realize their vision. These are highly coveted properties among aspiring landowners, with plots of land for sale averaging around $488,149 in cost.

If this perfect blend of rural land with urban access sounds like an ideal arrangement, you can begin your search online at Tutt Land, a site that offers detailed land listings of all the properties currently for sale in Baldwin County. Listings on Tutt Land are extremely thorough, providing information about the land, the size and sale price, and a history of the property when applicable. While you can schedule an appointment to see the plot of land in person, Tutt Land also includes photographs of the property for sale so you can more easily determine if it matches the sort of place you are looking for.

Nearby Counties for Land Investment