Land For Sale in Monroe County, AL

SoldOstburg Place$835,000
SoldDavis Ferry Tract174 acres$313,200
Sold163 Milsap$150,000
SoldFinchburg 100100 acres$140,000
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Find A Home in Monroe County, Alabama 

Owning property is our privilege and right as Americans. Any landowner knows the significance of a place to call one’s own, but most do not realize the infinite potential of the land available in rural Alabama. Rural land is rife with potential and can fit nearly any set of buyer needs. Whether you are looking for a private area for hunting and fishing, a solid future return on investment, or a place for your family to call home for generations to come, Alabama’s rural areas are full of opportunity. AL land for sale is gaining value by the minute, it is the right time to find a land listing for your family. Even if your plan is to rent or sell in the future, Alabama’s Monroe County is the perfect place to invest in property. With several amazing land for sale properties to consider, Monroe County, AL is a profitable area with beautiful land, a charming community, and diverse wildlife. Though there are many options for owning land in the United States, few places will give you more opportunities and a higher return on investment for your sale than Monroe County, Alabama

The Monroe County, Alabama Difference 

Alabama is a unique pocket of land, with properties that are truly worth consideration and investment. With diverse and plentiful wildlife, some of the best hunting and fishing in North America can be found in the rural land of Alabama. With a thriving population of turkey, dove, white-tailed deer, and quail, rural Alabama landowners have access to an incredible range of hunting opportunities on their own properties. Monroe County, AL land for sale boasts some of the most flexible hunting laws in the country, giving those who close a sale in the area the ability to hunt and fish freely on their properties.  Monroe County, Alabama’s marine ecosystems house many differing fishes, including Bass, Sturgeon, Catfish, and Rainbow Trout. Especially in Monroe County, fresh fish caught on your own property can be a staple for weekly dinners.

Nestled in the Southeast corner of beautiful Alabama, the land of Monroe County is an ideal spot for the woodsy outdoorsman, developer, or nature-loving family to find a sale. Though it does not have the coastal access like the land in some southern counties, many areas of land for sale in Monroe County, AL include ponds and lakes that act as a private and fresh-water substitute to the Gulf of Mexico. Much of the land for sale is ideal for owning cattle or horses, developing a commercial farm or business, or living and enjoying the expansive privacy that the land provides. If socialization is desired, Monroe County includes the city of Monroeville, a charming location for shopping, eating, and nightlife. Despite this, most properties for sale in Monroe County provide an exceptional amount of privacy for landowners. 

The wooded areas of land for sale in Monroe County include established and mature growth, with many trees on the land being upwards of 20 years old. This provides a significant financial opportunity for the properties for sale here. Pine, oak, and hickory trees are grown in this region, are consistently profitable, and are a reliable source of income if you so choose. Because the woods are already established, it is reasonable to assume that there is very little maintenance required by the landowner to turn a profit on these resources after the sale is complete. With reliable rain and weather patterns, the ecosystem of trees and plants in Monroe County is a renewable and consistent resource, ready to be honed. 

Prime Property for Monroe County, AL 

Land value in Monroe County is higher than the national average and is growing; taking advantage of land for sale here is an economically sound decision. Compounded with the income potential of the forests, the access to fresh fish and meat, and the possibility for a desirable development sale in the future, purchasing property in Monroe County is a home run when it comes to land acquisition and quality sales. Boasting both properties with established structures and those ready to be personalized, there’s truly a sale option here for everyone. Though it’s often hard to find property for sale that meets one’s unique needs on one’s own, the experts at Tutt Land Company are here to help with your sale. With nearly 100 years of experience in rural Alabama land maintenance and sales, the team at Tutt Land Co knows exactly how to find a property that’s right for you. 

The Tutt Land Co Difference for Monroe County, AL 

Tutt Land Co is a full-service real estate company, giving buyers the advantage of development, management, and sales team on their side. Though development and land sales can be daunting, the staff at Tutt Land Co knows exactly how to handle every sale with ease and dignity. With staff experts on everything from forestry to wildlife to sales and land management, Tutt Land Co can assist you no matter what you would like to do with your new property. Boasting an easy-to-use website and internal search engine, buyers can browse sales independently and hone their property searches based on budget, acreage, location, sale price, and more. The staff is always available to help with property sales in person or over the phone and will take great and exhaustive lengths to be sure you feel safe and secure about your chosen sale. Contact us today so we can begin this property journey together.

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