Land for Sale in Blount County, AL

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One of the most rapidly developing counties in the state, Blount County, AL, is nationally recognized for the stunning beauty of its natural landscape. If you are searching for property for sale, this is an amazing place to start. The exciting variety of outdoor attractions made possible by its unique geographical features include prime opportunities for hunting and fishing. Located in the northeastern part of Alabama, Blount County is conveniently situated within the metro area of capital city Birmingham, and people across the nation are interested in what is for sale in this area. Its position provides property owners with the best of both worlds—the ability to relax in a peaceful, rural land while still remaining close enough to Birmingham to take advantage of the numerous amenities the city has to offer. When people buy property for sale in this area, they are buying beauty as much as land.

Founded in 1818, Blount County, AL is comprised of 643 square miles or 411,520 acres. If you can find a piece of this mileage for sale, you may find competition for it. Blount County, AL is ranked as 39 th in the state for total acreage available for purchase at 5,218 acres. The average price for sale is $243,534 per property, with $43 million worth of total land for sale, including rural land, hunting land, and ranches. For property owners who choose to rent out their land rather than place it for sale, the average pasture cash rent in Blount County was numbered at $25.50 per acre for the year 2020.

Outdoor Sports & Recreation on Alabama Property

Hunting and fishing are two primary recreation sources for residents who own land in Blount County, AL, as is the case in most of Alabama. This state features over 1.3 billion acres of hunting land accessible to the public, complemented by extensive hunting seasons and generous bag limits. This not only provides sport and sustenance; it also greatly contributes to the economy. What drives this economy is about more than what is for sale—it is about adventures. For 2006, The US Fish and Wildlife Service estimated that hunting expenses in Alabama totaled an impressive $654 million. If you would love to hunt or fish directly from your backyard, property in Blount County, AL is the perfect choice for you. Our page is constantly updating with new land for sale.

Alabama residents hunt a variety of game species, including white-tailed deer, wild turkey, quail, rabbits, mourning doves, and ducks. You can eat better from your land than you would shopping what is for sale on the shelves at your local grocery. Deer hunting takes place during the fall and winter seasons, while turkey hunting is most common during the spring. Over the past few decades, deer and turkey populations have grown exponentially. In 1970, conservation representations estimated 400,000 deer and 200,000 turkey. Now the deer population numbers 1.6 million, and the turkey population has multiplied to twice its previous size. Whether you are an experienced hunter or a newcomer, take advantage of the bountiful game populations by checking out AL land for sale in Blount County, AL.

When compared to the rest of the country, Alabama is ranked second in the number of native species. While fly anglers were traditionally limited to small ponds in the past, there are now state-operated fishing lakes and hydroelectric reservoirs throughout the state. When fishing this property, you do not have to wait for fish sales. Conservation laws have protected habitats and encouraged the growth of increasing numbers, providing fly fishermen with access to trout, catfish, striped bass, and a number of black bass species, such as largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, redeye bass, and shoal bass. Does fishing every day sound like a dream come true? Take the first step by visiting our website to see land for sale in Blount County.

Proximity to Blount County, AL’s Black Warrior River

Of the various fishing spots available in Blount County, AL, there is none like the Black Warrior River. This corner of Alabama features two tributaries of the Black Warrior River, the Locust Fork along the county’s western border, and the Mulberry Fork in the center. The river stretches 158 miles and boasts 332 different species of fish within its waters, making it an extremely popular destination for fishermen. Regardless of where in Blount County, AL your property for sale is located, your proximity to Alabama’s Black Warrior River will ensure that you have a prime fishing location at your fingertips.

While the variety is undoubtedly one of Black Warrior River’s greatest features, the most popular fish to property owners in the area remains the spotted bass, of which there are thousands per mile. If you decide to buy Alabama land for sale in the county, you’ll have access to as many spotted bass as you could ever want in a lifetime. If you see a “for sale” sign for property in this Alabama area, call quickly. The value of the natural features accessible to those that buy land for sale in Blount County, AL is simply unmatched.

The Versatility of Land for Sale in Alabama

There are plenty of sites rich in wildlife that, unfortunately, remain mostly inaccessible to those seeking outdoor recreation. Fortunately, that is simply not the case when it comes to land for sale in Blount County. In addition to featuring access to all sorts of wild game, the properties for sale in Blount County, AL are extremely accommodating. Whether you are wanting to acquire a private hunting property for regular use or are simply seeking to invest in valuable land, you will find exactly what you are searching for in Blount County. Many of the listings for sale feature a balanced combination of pristine pastures and healthy timber in addition to bodies of water, such as ponds or creeks. These parcels of land are easily accessible and offer multiple areas primed and ready for construction. Should you desire to build a cabin on your property, you will be able to do so in a timely fashion, allowing you to spend more time enjoying all that Alabama has to offer.

Contact Tutt Land to Inquire About AL Land for Sale in Blount County

If you are captivated by the wonders found within the natural world and enjoy outdoorsman activities, consider checking out land listings for sale in Blount County, AL. Blount County, AL is one of the nation’s most beautiful and bountiful areas, full of fascinating scenery, endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, and abundant game species. Get in touch with the experts at Tutt Land today to learn more about properties for sale in this amazing Alabama landscape. We have over 70 years of experience in ownership, management, and development of rural land. We are ready to help you find your dream property for sale in Blount County , AL.

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