Exploring the Potential of Etowah County, AL Land for Sale

Being a property owner can be a highly profitable venture, whether you’re looking for a private hunting tract of land for sale or are browsing through land listings of rural properties for sale for investment opportunities. For those interested in becoming property owners, Etowah County, AL is a great place to consider. Ranging from small properties less than 10 acres to large tracts of land for sale at 100+ acres, Etowah County, AL has a lot to offer inland.

One of the most notable features of Etowah County is the H. Neely Henry Lake. Many years ago, a dam constructed on Alabama’s Coosa River was responsible for the lake’s creation. Since then, it has become an amazing source of fish for anglers in Etowah County. Depending on your preference, you can find land for sale in Etowah County, AL with access to minor creeks and streams, however, you can also find rural land for sale with direct access to the H. Neely Henry Lake.

What H. Neely Henry Lake Provides to Nearby Land for Sale in Etowah County, AL 

Hunting is one of the most popular activities for property owners in Etowah County, however many of those hunters are also avid anglers—and there are plenty of fishing opportunities in this part of Alabama. While not the only source of fish near land for sale in Etowah County, Alabama’s H. Neely Henry Lake is certainly one of the most remarkable. 

Property owners who’ve purchased land for sale nearby, and decide to try their luck at the lake, are likely to encounter largemouth and striped bass, bream such as bluegill, crappie, and catfish. The most popular of these among property owners of nearby land for sale is the largemouth bass, which presents more of a challenge than others and requires a good amount of skill and experience to catch due to their strength. However, they are surprisingly easy to bait, given their penchant for eating anything that comes their way.

Another advantage of Alabama’s H. Neely Henry Lake is that it maintains a relatively stable water level throughout the year, ensuring that there is access to water for nearby land for sale year-round. Those who have less interest in fishing will still benefit from the existence of the lake near Etowah County, AL land for sale. The shores of the lake are often frequented by wildlife—such as white-tailed deer and wild turkey—seeking out a source of fresh water, and attracting birds such as ducks that swim upon the surface. H. Neely Henry Lake is a key element of the rich ecosystem in Etowah County, AL land for sale.

Other Bodies of Water Near Land for Sale in Etowah County, AL

The other main body of water near land for sale in Etowah County, AL is the Coosa River, which helped create the lake in the first place. This Alabama River runs north to south throughout Etowah County and has two tributaries called the Black Creek and Big Wills Creek. The Coosa River is very well stocked with an abundance of fish. In addition to those often found in Etowah County’s H. Neely Henry Lake, owners of nearby land for sale can find other varieties of bass, smallmouth buffalo, carp, gar, sunfish, and freshwater drum.

Acres of Timber in Etowah County, AL Land for Sale

Due to the extensive amount of water sources available across Etowah County, AL, this part of Alabama is ideal for the growth and spread of timber. Timber in Alabama is generally a mix of pines and hardwoods. Specific varieties of trees property owners can expect to find on their land for sale include pole pines, poplar oaks, sawtooth oaks, mountain oaks, red oaks, white oaks, and cedars.

Depending on your intentions with your land, you can either start up a proper timber plantation—listing merchantable timber for sale to recover your initial investment in the land for sale—or simply hold on to the acres of timberland for a future date or to gain access to NRCS benefits. Because timber is relatively low maintenance and continues to appreciate in value over time, simply having it on your land for sale is likely to be profitable at some point, making it a highly coveted asset to have. 

Finding Your Perfect Tract of Land for Sale in Etowah County, AL

Whatever your needs may be, you’re likely to find a suitable property for sale in Etowah County. Ranging from beautiful waterfront parcels of land to modest hunting tracts and even to open expanses of farmland, this part of Alabama has it all, and there is no better place to survey the current selection for sale than Tutt Land. Tutt Land provides up-to-date land listings of all the parcels of rural land currently available for sale. In addition to offering details about the natural resources and features contained within the property for sale, Tutt Land listings also cover developments or construction projects that previous property owners have undertaken. Multiple photographs offer extensive visuals of the land for sale, and a property map shows exactly how the acreage is laid out—giving you everything you need to make that final decision.

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