One of the most secure forms of investment is the purchase of land for sale , and Butler County, AL has a wide variety of extremely attractive tracts of land ready for the taking. Founded in 1819, Butler County is located in the south-central part of Alabama and composed of 779 square miles or 498,560 acres. But what makes Butler County, AL an ideal place for land ownership is the prevalence of premium hunting and fishing locations available, both within properties for sale and in public parks and wildlife management areas. If you are searching for AL land for sale, these properties should be at the top of your list.

Out of Alabama’s 67 counties, Butler County is ranked 10th for its total amount of rural land for sale. The county currently holds 11,056 acres, over $39 million worth of available property, with the average price of each property valued at $396,615. Properties for sale here hold their value. Landowners who chose to rent their pastureland in 2020 received an average cash rent value of $17.00 per acre , making any purchase of land for sale here a smart choice.

Hunting & Fishing Lands for Sale in Butler County, Alabama

Alabama contains 36 tracts of land called Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs), encompassing over 768,000 acres . These Alabama properties are managed by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and while they are designated for public use, they are situated in close proximity to private tracts of land for sale, making them extremely accessible. The property is used chiefly as hunting land, but is also available to the public for fishing, camping, and other outdoor sports and recreational activities.

The Butler County WMA, located northwest of Georgiana, monitors Alabama’s local wildlife populations and holds programs to inform hunters about property usage regulations and enhance their hunting experience. If you are wanting hunting land for sale, this is a great option. WMA property serves as a home for a wide variety of large game, such as white-tailed deer, bobcat, and coyote, as well as small game, such as wild turkey, squirrels, rabbits, and quail. If you purchase land for sale on Butler County property, not only will you own prime hunting real estate, but you will also have easy, year-round access to the abundant game found within the WMA.

Another rich resource to those in search of land for sale in Butler County, AL is the Conecuh National Forest, located along the southern border of Butler County . Like many of the natural reserve property spread across Alabama , the Conecuh National Forest is open to the public for hunting and fishing purposes. Designated in 1936, this property is comprised of 83,000 acres of hardwood swamps, cypress trees, scrub oaks, creeks, bogs, and cypress ponds, which serve as the perfect land for a diverse collection of wildlife. Anyone purchasing a property for sale in this area of Alabama will have easy access to the game on the reserve, including white-tailed deer and turkey, in addition to small game such as quail.

Timber Investment Opportunities in Butler County Land for Sale

One of the primary assets present in Alabama land for sale is timber. Known for its steady growth over the past several years, timber has consistently remained a coveted feature to those seeking land for sale . The rich soil and mild climate make Butler County particularly attractive to large timber companies, but there’s no reason private owners should not take advantage of the opportunities as well. In fact, land for sale in Butler County, AL is filled with trees such as white oaks, poplars, and walnut trees.

The best part of finding timber on your land for sale is that it requires very little hands-on care. That means you can continue enjoying your property for personal use after the sale has been finalized without negatively affecting the value of your timber, allowing you to take advantage of the assets on your land in the future.

Natural Features Present in Butler County, AL Land for Sale

Land for sale in Butler County, AL falls within the East Gulf Coastal Plain. While there are no major waterways that cross this part of Alabama , that does not mean water sources are not present. There are several tributaries that run through Butler County, many of which can be accessed via parcels of land for sale . However, in the event that your property of choice contains no significant water features, there are plenty of fishing alternatives. Butler County is home to a number of lakes and streams available to the public in close proximity to land for sale .

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Whether you are a hunter or fisherman seeking to personally enjoy the features of your property or you are more concerned with the possibility of increasing your profits by re-selling or renting out the tract, rural land of Butler County, AL is the ideal choice. With new land listings of available land for sale added every day, Tutt Land offers all the knowledge, resources, and experience to find you the perfect Alabama property. Contact us today to discuss our properties for sale and learn how you can make a profitable investment in a Butler County, AL property.

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