Land for Sale in Conecuh County. AL

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Prospective land owners would be wise to keep their eyes on Conecuh County properties if they are wanting to make a smart investment. Located in the Coastal Plain of Alabama, this county features multiple bodies of water within its borders, including the Sepulga River, Burnt Corn Creek, and Murder Creek, which contribute to the rich wildlife that can be found on land for sale. Conecuh County, Alabama is best known for its fishing and hunting properties. If you are searching for an investment in property that you will be proud to own, purchasing land in Conecuh County is a decision you will not regret.

Hunting in Conecuh County

Conecuh County, AL is a sportsman’s paradise in many ways, so if you are interested in rural land for sale in Alabama, you do not want to pass by this popular destination. There are about 1,000 acres of hunting land for sale in this area, so in terms of property choices you have a wide array available. Conecuh County is a great choice for outdoorsmen because its rural land offers the best attributes they look for when they seek property for sale where they can hunt for white-tailed deer. If you are a hunter who is looking for other wild game, you will be glad to know that the land for sale in this area is a prime location for duck hunting, in addition to other birds like quail, doves, and turkey. Do not think that is the only thing the AL land for sale in Conecuh County has for sportsmen, though. Another local big game hunting opportunity on this land is wild boar.

If you love the outdoors, you will probably also be thinking about fishing when you look for land for sale in Conecuh County, AL. Bass and catfish are some of the many fish that are plentiful in the waterways of Conecuh County, but you may also catch redear sunfish, bluegill, and crappie. In the event that you decide to purchase a property for sale that does not have an abundance of fishing spots available, there are many places in the county to drop a line in the water. Murder Creek, Burnt Corn Creek, and the Sepulga River are all well known for their fishing and natural beauty in Conecuh County and are welcome to any fishermen willing to make the trip.

Cost of Land for Sale in Alabama

When you are considering buying property, you need to know that you are getting a good price on the land your realtor is offering for sale. One of the best things about purchasing land in Conecuh County, Alabama is that the properties in this area are very affordable to investors. The typical cost of land for sale in Alabama is based on factors like location, but the average sale price for land is $12,356 per acre. Rural land and wooded areas sell for a price of about $2,300 per acre. When you compare these prices to properties for sale in some states, you will see that Alabama cannot be beat. If you are concerned about return on investment if a time comes when you opt to sell the land, you should have no trouble coming out ahead since individuals are showing more interest in Alabama’s land listings all the time. The price that buyers typically pay for a property in Conecuh County, AL is affordable to many individuals, and since there is a lot of land for sale to sportsmen in Conecuh County, now is the time to take a serious look at these properties.

Details of the Land for Sale in Conecuh County, Alabama

Most of the buyers who are looking at property for sale in locations like Conecuh County, Alabama want other features besides land. Buyers who are using the property as their base camp for fishing and hunting are often seeking land that comes with a house on the property. Quite a few of the properties that Tutt Land Company offers for sale come with homes and often offer barns and sheds. Much of the property that we have for sale also has ponds, lakes, and creeks on site. Our goal is to provide you with all that you are searching for, so the rural land we offer for sale in Conecuh County has options for everyone.

Many buyers searching for property for sale in Conecuh County also consider timber investment to be an important attribute. Much of the land that Tutt offers for sale has forests stocked with trees that can be sold to help cover the cost of the investment. There are various types of pines on the Alabama land that Tutt lists for sale. If you are an investor who is looking for timber, though, the land for sale in Conecuh County has so much more. These forests are full of poplars, red oaks, and many other cypress trees and hardwoods in the wooded land we have for sale. Some buyers who own land for hunting in Alabama opt for a Conecuh County property with both farmland and forested areas, so they can lease the farmland. This is another way buyers increase their return on investment.

If you are serious about buying an Alabama hunting property, Tutt Land Company is the premier company in the area to help you choose your ideal investment property. No one can beat the hunting grounds we have for sale here. Visit our website, or reach out to us today at (334) 627-4004.

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