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Rural land enthusiasts seeking unique property sales and investment opportunities deep in the American South will find much to like in Cleburne County, AL. Tucked among the pine stands of the largest national forest in Alabama, the Tallapoosa River, and the dramatically sloping finale of the Appalachians, Cleburne County land experiences a diversity unlike any other in the state. As investors will see, this high Piedmont area hosts a number of features, including mountains, rolling hills, thick timber, wildlife hunting grounds, and much more. From its vantage point in the far mideastern tier of counties, Cleburne County, AL rests against the Alabama-Georgia border, allowing the area to serve as the true gateway to the Talladega National Forest and surrounding property.

Cleburne County, Alabama Land Features

As with many of the nearby counties, Cleburne County, Alabama is perhaps best known for the 392,000-plus acre Talladega National Forest, which has been in service since the 1930s. Prior to receiving national forest status, the massive demand for logging, hardwood timber sales, and pulp sales had begun to severely tax the various forested areas in eastern Alabama. As is often the case with irresponsible deforestation, many of the local wildlife and game populations on the property began to suffer as well. Fortunately, officials recognized the harmful effects of the practice and began to restore the forests in the area with softwood Loblolly pine. Over the last near-century, wildlife populations and timber stands have managed to return to their former lush glory, allowing responsible timber sales and land sales to resume. Now populated by plentiful and diverse wildlife, the Talladega National Forest is also open to hunters and fishermen seeking opportunities for outdoor recreation. Those purchasing land for sale nearby will have convenient access to one of the most beautiful hunting locations in the entire state.

Other defining features of Cleburne County, AL land listings include a host of waterways including the Tallapoosa River, Calhuga Creek Watershed, Coleman Lake Recreation Area, Sweetwater Lake, and Terrapin Creek areas, all of which offer a variety of catfish, bream, bass, and other fishing via shoreline, fishing pier, or boat launch. In addition, parks and wildlife areas like Pine Glen Recreation Area and Cheaha State Park offer a host of camping, fishing, and backpacking opportunities. In particular, the Chief Ladiga Trail system, Lake Point Trail, and Pinhoti Trail systems offer a complex network of trails culminating at Cheaha Mountain—Alabama’s highest point, shared with neighboring Clay County.

Hunting Property and Timber Land for Sale in Cleburne County, AL

The astounding recovery of the local hardwood and pine forest property since the creation of the Talladega National Forest has also led to the current healthy sales of local timber and pulp products. Much AL land for sale includes broad stands of mixed hardwoods, pines, or both—depending on the area, mature pines, and hardwoods reaching maturity stand to produce a lucrative harvest in the next several years. Wise Alabama property seekers looking to achieve a significant return on their land sale and purchase choices can continue to reap the rewards of the steady flow of timber income for years to come, provided each seeks the assistance of a knowledgeable sales broker and the right logging sales contractor in the process.

Meanwhile, most of Cleburne County’s properties for sale are rich in recreation, fishing, and hunting opportunities as well. This avenue provides another solid benefit to a property sale in the county, as access to white-tailed deer, wild turkey, quail, and more are prolific in the area. While some investors simply prefer to establish a hunting cabin or even a residential home on a split tract of land, others have chosen to capitalize on the demand for Alabama’s premier hunting areas.

By establishing annual recreational sales leases—highly sought after by enthusiastic sportsmen just waiting to access Alabama white-tail and turkey populations—investors can not only add additional monthly income to yet-unharvested timberland but endeavor to develop it at the same time. Many hunting clubs can assist with developing roads and trail systems, connecting a hunting or timber property to frontage roads and local arteries. Timberland sale prices approaching $2,400 per acre have the potential to bring sales lease prices and development benefits that can offset property taxes and more, especially in Cleburne County.

Investment Land for Sale in Cleburne County, AL

Whether you are wanting to settle on your wildland property long term, reap the profits that can come with harvesting the many tree varieties indigenous to the Tallapoosa watershed area, or take advantage of the fine cervid and poultry hunting and catfish fishing that made Alabama famous, Cleburne County is a sales and development investor’s dream. However, due to the timber components, terrain variations, and other considerations unique to AL land for sale, Cleburne County sales are best handled by an experienced sales agent or broker.

Tutt Land Company has spent over 70 years perfecting the sale, management, and development of timber properties, hunting tracts, and other rural land in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Mississippi. Our group of 28 experienced sales agents are here to help you realize the investment opportunities that await you in pristine forest lands like Cleburne County, AL, and move forward with the purchase of the ideal land sale and timber property for your unique situation. If you would like more information about land for sale in Cleburne County, please reach out to our team of professionals today.

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