Known by many as the Jewel of the Talladega, Clay County, AL is the consummate land investor’s opportunity. Located in the upper mid-eastern portion of one of America’s premier wildlife producing and timber sale states, the rural land sale selection in this 600-plus square mile county is top-notch. In fact, a large portion of western Clay County property is occupied by none other than Talladega National Forest, a federally protected Alabama land reserve featuring vast expanses of timber and plentiful hunting opportunities. As a result, the rest of the sales area is among the most sparsely populated land in the state. In fact, much property in the county remains prime AL land for sale, featuring sound investment opportunities including timber sales, hunting land sales, and more.

Clay County, AL Land Information

Talladega National Forest is by far the most well-known land feature of Clay County. Located along the southeastern edge of the Appalachian Mountains, this 392,567-acre forest property was decimated due to timber cutting and sale towards the beginning of the 20th century, and the area was deprived of the many species of natural wildlife that resided there. Since becoming a national forest, Talladega and the surrounding areas in Randolph, Talladega, Cleburne, and Clay County have experienced a dramatic resurgence—the property now consists of mostly softwood pine and is once again host to a broad range of wild game and fish. An extensive network of Pinhoti riding and hiking trails provide access to much of the forest and associated wilderness areas, including a portion of Alabama’s Cheaha State Park, Cheaha Wilderness, and Cheaha Mountain, the highest peak in the state. Animals that can be found on the sections of the property open to the public for hunting include white-tailed deer.

Similarly, the non-federal lands that comprise the rest of Clay County, Alabama property sales are relatively pristine and uncrowded. While several state highways provide convenient access to the Alabama cities of Lineville and Ashland, these are contrasted by the peaceful expanses of mountain slopes, rural land, and productive timber property so attractive to Alabama wildlife. In addition, Lake Wedowee and Flat Rock Park provide miles of shoreline and boat fishing, while many other smaller lakes make up the Clay County Public Fishing Lakes system. Whether your intention in purchasing land for sale is to get access to prime hunting and fishing locations, or you are simply seeking to invest in valuable territory, Clay County, AL has plenty to offer.

Timber and Hunting Property Sales in Clay County, AL

Clay County is home to numerous investment properties for sale near or adjacent to Talladega National Forest that have the potential to provide both short-term and long-term financial benefits after the sale. In the short term, the truly excellent Alabama hunting and fishing available gives investors the opportunity to either hunt the lands themselves or establish a land for sale or lease to one of the many hunting clubs looking to gain access to area wildlife. Alabama wild hog, wild turkey, duck, white-tailed deer, squirrel, and more are available for hunting and trapping while in season, and the state offers nearly year-round sale of hunting licenses for the variety of hunting seasons this premiere wildlife area encounters. Better yet, bag limits are fairly high, giving investors and hunting clubs alike an extra incentive to begin to develop some of the more remote areas with a network of trails and roads while the hunting is lucrative.

Long term, Alabama’s mixed hardwood and loblolly pine stands remain at a variety of maturities, giving timberland investors the opportunity to harvest over the span of several years and achieve a healthy return on the initial sales investment. The ability to gain access to hunting land and timber income in one fell swoop—and alternate or mix uses within the same property depending on the season—puts Clay County land sales in high demand for the savvy investor. In addition, many properties, whether primarily timberlands, hunting lands, or both, feature areas ripe for residential development and relatively close proximity to local roads. Depending on the size of the sale plot, it is possible to achieve recreational use, rural living, timber, and hunting rental income on the same property.

How to Buy Land for Sale in Clay County, AL

Whether you prefer peaceful small-town living, high acreage timberland investment, recreational sales and rentals, or wilderness hunting, Clay County, Alabama has land listings that can meet your needs. Property for sale featured by Tutt Land Company comprises a variety of tract types, as well as numerous acreages, natural features, road frontages, and more—this area is a natural wonderland of potential available for the right investor. Seize the opportunity to purchase rural Alabama land while property values for recent sales approach $1,500 per acre in some areas and take hold of a solid return on your investment for years to come.

Stay and retire, buy and divide, or begin your investment into the lucrative Alabama timber and timber sales industry right here in Clay County. For the widest range of AL land for sale, including the county’s premier wildland, recreation areas, hunting land, and timberland property perfect for building your retirement cabin or establishing regular timber or rental income for years to come, seek the rural sales expertise of Tutt Land Company. If you would like more information about our Clay County, Alabama land for sale, contact our brokers and sales agents today.

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