Rural Land in Pickens County, AL: A Sensible Investment 

Finding the right land for sale for one’s family is as American as apple pie. Land sales are a relatively safe and supremely gratifying investment, which, if chosen correctly, can lead to a significant return on investment. Many people don’t realize the incredible value of rural land for sale in the US, particularly the untapped resources of AL land for sale. With plentiful natural resources, privacy, and plenty of recreational activities, the land for sale in rural areas is skyrocketing in popularity. One such area is Pickens County, Alabama. Located on the west side of the state of Alabama, right on the border of Mississippi, Pickens County, AL county boasts rich farmland, lush forests, and fertile soil. Many wonderful pieces of land for sale are available in Pickens County, though as with many good opportunities, properties are moving quickly.

Property for Sale in Pickens County, AL 

For those who love a life lived outdoors, land for sale in Pickens County is a haven away from fast-paced society. Pickens County, AL is located on Alabama’s Black Belt, a region known for its nutrient-rich topsoil. This soil results in the incredible growth of certain native plants and trees that do not grow as heartily in other areas of Alabama. Because of this, the land for sale in the region contains incredibly dense and lush forests of hickory, oak, and pine trees. Properties for sale that contain Alabama’s famous wooded areas in this region are at an automatic advantage in the lumber industry. The wood of these trees has a large market in the area and sells quickly and for a considerable profit. Taking advantage of the sale of wooded property in Pickens County, AL can be a considerably economically advantageous investment for any entrepreneurial spirit.

Hunting is a large part of Pickens County culture. Alabama hunting clubs and hunting leases abound, as the lush wooded areas attract all manner of huntable creatures. With large populations of deer, dove, turkey, and quail, Pickens County, AL is ideal for any marksman who wishes to spend more time at his craft. Finding and buying property for sale in this area proves advantageous in this scenario as well, as it provides a private area to hunt without competition or disturbance. Alabama has very hunter-friendly hunting laws, with low caps on bag limits and relatively minimal hunting area restrictions, making it a hotspot for outdoor hunters from around the country. Because of the prime hunting conditions and plentiful game in Pickens County, landowners often lease hunting time on their land to others who wish to hunt. This transaction makes very little impact on available wildlife and is an opportunity to use one’s land for profit without putting the land up for sale.

Along with hunting, fishing is a popular activity in Pickens County, AL. With dozens of creeks, lakes, and ponds, the fishing scene is plentiful, even for Alabama. Pickens County waters host a myriad of fish, from Perch to Pickerel to several types of Bass. There is a very good chance you will find something you like in the county’s waters. It is even possible to encounter this on one’s own property. With many properties for sale in the area having creeks and ponds of their own, there is almost always the ability to fish in private rather than on a public lake if you prefer. 

Though the amenities and advantages of claiming property for sale in Pickens County, AL are clear and plentiful, the cost of land for sale is on the average to low end of the spectrum for Alabama. Because property prices are trending upward, taking advantage of land for sale in Pickens County now will receive a sound return on investment in the future. With below-average land sale expenses and cost of living prices, Pickens County properties are a wonderful investment now for a growing future. 

Explore Options for AL Land for Sale 

When searching for land for sale in Pickens County, Alabama, it is important to solidify your priorities and intentions for the land. Though many tracts of land for sale are versatile, the buying process runs smoothly when the buyer is in charge of the sale and knows what they want from their property. When beginning the property sale process, consider what you intend to do with your land and what you would like out of it. Will it be a vacation respite from the stressors of daily life? Are you using it to turn a profit on timber or through development? Would you simply like to own a piece of property in this beautiful area and make a sale later for profit? Considering your motive will help your agents at Tutt Land Co. find the perfect land sale to meet your needs.

Once you are ready to take the next steps with your Alabama property acquisition journey, contact the experts at Tutt Land Co. With nearly 100 years of experience in the land sales, management, and development fields, Tutt Land Co. is ready to help you achieve your AL land sale goals and make your property into a place that fits your unique needs. With an easy-to-use online search portal, the browsing of sale listings can begin in the comfort of your own home. With the ability to refine sale searches and land listings based on location, price, and size, it is easy to find Pickens County properties that pique your interest.  

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