Land For Sale in Lawrence County, AL

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Geographical Features of Lawrence County, Alabama Land for Sale

Lawrence County, Alabama is not just a beautiful place to live; it is a prime location for land investors who seek property for sale that will provide a great return on investment. Located in the northwest part of the state, the land for sale in Lawrence County features properties that are ideal for hunting, harvesting timber, and development. When the area was first settled, many of the new inhabitants made their living by farming the rich, fertile soil the land had to offer. Investors who are looking for land for sale today find that the rural land for sale in Lawrence County can also add to their yearly income. Due to the fact that the timber industry in Alabama is growing, properties in this region offer a solid opportunity for investment in the many tracts of land for sale here. 

Benefits of Buying Land for Sale in Lawrence County, AL

When buyers are searching for land for sale in Alabama, one of their main concerns before finalizing the sale is to be sure they will see a worthy return on their financial stake in the land. Lawrence County offers buyers exactly what they are looking for, as there are various ways they can see a return on their investment. The land for sale in this area is close to both the Tennessee River and the Black Warrior River, which means there are many tributaries that run through the forested timber land of Lawrence County. These sources of water provide summer recreation and fishing opportunities for those who finalize a sale on one of these properties

Once you take your budget and your plans for your investment land into consideration, you can find the ideal parcel of rural land to meet your specific needs and determine if you are looking for a property for sale with access to a waterfront or not. The AL land for sale in Lawrence County offers parcels that are undeveloped, as well as some that are partially developed for various uses. 

What Wildlife Can You Find in Lawrence County, AL Land for Sale?

The waterways that run through the land for sale in this part of Alabama allow for very diverse wildlife proliferation. Hunters enjoy the area for its abundance of white-tailed deer but also find that the land is a great hunting ground for wild hogs, turkey, and ducks. Fishermen find that the many species of fish that are native to the area give them ample opportunity to enjoy time on the water. The Black Warrior and Tennessee Rivers are teeming with fish that attract not only fishermen but a wide variety of birds and waterfowl. The Tennessee River is actually considered one of the most biologically diverse rivers in the whole country. 

There Is Great Value in the Land for Sale in Lawrence County, AL

The most important factor for most investors in Alabama land is whether they will be able to turn a profit on the property that makes their investment worthwhile. The land listings in Lawrence County offer many options for seeing a return on investment. The mild Alabama climate and rich soil in the area are ideal for raising an array of valuable crops like cotton, corn, soybeans, potatoes, and peanuts. This provides a way to earn money off the land, even if you don’t wish to farm the property yourself. There are always opportunities to lease the ground to others for the purpose of farming. 

Food crops are not the only flora that benefits from the fertile land of Lawrence County, Alabama, though. There are also forests on much of the land for sale that can be harvested for a great profit in the timber industry. The reason more buyers look for land for sale in the state of Alabama every year is that this industry is growing in the area and now is a perfect time to invest before an increase in property values has an effect on the investor’s bottom line. The land here features vast expanses of pine trees, as well as various types of oaks and other hardwoods. 

Many investors are also looking for private hunting grounds when they search for rural land for sale in Alabama. The benefit of buying in Lawrence County is that you can find land for sale that offers the potential for a substantial return on investment while also giving you a prime location to build a cabin or hunting lodge. With the potential for property values to increase in the coming years, buyers are almost certain to see a profit if they decide to sell their land.

AL Land for Sale Is Easy to Develop

One of the greatest features of land for sale in Lawrence County, AL is that, while rural, it is close enough to major roadways and urban areas that it is easy to access while still offering a remote getaway for those who enjoy the outdoors. If you are considering building on the land for sale in this area, you can easily get the construction equipment and supplies that you need to your location. Some properties feature roads that allow you to traverse the land and find the best spot for building your hunting property if that is your intended use. Of course, you will also need electricity at your lodge or cabin, and the proximity of these properties to the power grid makes connecting easy. Lawrence County is one of the most coveted areas in the state, with an average cost of land for sale at $463,847, but an investment like this is likely to continue increasing in value in the coming years.

If the land for sale in Lawrence County, Alabama sounds like the type of property you have been looking for, Tutt Land Co. offers a great online platform to begin your search for the property that meets all of your needs. The listings on our website offer a detailed description of each of the properties, as well as photos that give you a great sense of all the land has to offer. In addition to this, you can always find the total acreage available and the current asking price for each property. When you find the parcel that seems to have everything, you can go visit the land and see it up close before you finalize the sale.

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