Land for Sale in Winston County, AL

Famous for supporting the Union during the Civil War, Winston County is a mountainous county situated in northwestern Alabama’s Appalachian Mountain foothills. Unlike other states in the South during this time, it had no large plantations or slave labor. Consequently, the county attempted to separate from the rest of the Confederacy by declaring itself the Free State of Winston, a name that residents use to this day. Comprised of 614 square miles, Winston County is part of the Cumberland Plateau physiographic section of Alabama and features property with a wide range of terrain, from gently sloping hills of evergreens to steep bluffs, meandering creeks, stunning gorges, and dense hardwood forests. AL land for sale in this region offers investors an assortment of options when they choose to purchase property for sale with the help of Tutt Land.

Varied Timberland Resources of Winston County, AL

As the economy of Winston County diversified, crop and cotton farming gave way to cattle and chicken farms and a small timber industry began to flourish. Over time, improvements in transportation resulted in the development of Interstate-22, also referred to as Corridor X. It connects Alabama to Mississippi and spans a range of rural areas, allowing for the rapid shipping of timber products for sale out of the area. Today, timber sale remains the primary focus of Winston County’s economy, making timberland for sale in this area a profitable investment property.

A combination of plateau and coastal soil types, Winston County, AL land for sale supports a variety of tree species that can be turned into valuable timber. This land primarily consists of loblolly pine and oak/hickory stands, fundamental components of the Alabama timber industry. It is also forested with different species based on different geographical features and soil types. In the upland sections of Winston County, these lands for sale tend to feature red oaks and Virginia pine, while more rocky areas contain white oak, yellow poplar, and sweet gum. The loamy soil around river drainages supports river birch and sycamore, and marshy valley land grows elm, green ash, sugarberry, and hackberry. Rural land for sale here offers diverse, profitable timber sale prospects for property owners.

Winston County property for sale is home to other important tree species, including Eastern hemlock and black locust. An incredibly shade-tolerant tree, Eastern hemlock is plentiful in the steep ravines, shady stream banks, and sheltered coves of Alabama properties. It can be harvested for timber sales, but its most useful quality is providing shade for streams, keeping the water temperature cool enough to sustain a habitat for various fish species. Black locust is high-density and extremely rot-resistant, so this timber is ideal for decks, fence posts, outdoor furniture, and any other project that needs to be weatherproof. It also provides feed for livestock, creates shade and shelter for animals, and serves as great firewood to put up for sale on your property.

Superior Hunting and Fishing in Winston County, AL Land for Sale

Hunting is a popular outdoor recreation throughout much of Alabama, and Winston County is no different. Large populations of high-quality white-tailed deer and wild turkeys roam this land, many of which turn out to be trophy specimens. Other game animals prevalent on this property for sale include bobwhite quail, rabbit, squirrel, and several types of waterfowl. Feral swine form another big game animal popular with Alabama hunters. Brought to this region as a food source, swine were released onto the land and turned feral. They threaten the habitats and wildlife of Winston County, so it is legal to hunt them year-round in the Bankhead National Forest, Alabama’s largest national forest at 181,230 acres. Hunters in this area can use handguns or rifles of any caliber on the land, and there are no bag limits.

The only one of Alabama’s rivers to receive a “Wild and Scenic” designation, the Upper Sipsey Fork in Winston County provides some of the state’s best fishing property for sale. Supplied by the Black Warrior River and the Mulberry Fork, anglers can catch a variety of game species all year on these properties. The area for sale above the Martin Dam and Lewis-Smith Reservoir is known as Upper Sipsey Fork, and it contains an abundant array of spotted bass, white bass, bluegill, green sunfish, and long-ear sunfish. Other common species are redbreast sunfish, channel catfish, and several additional varieties of bass, including largemouth, redeye, and spotted bass. AL land for sale with river frontage provides a perfect fishing spot, whether you are an avid angler yourself or looking to develop the property for sale.

Land for sale in the part of Sipsey Fork below the Martin Dam is the only place with all-year rainbow trout fishing. This unique fishery is stocked every month with 3,000 fish, providing residents with non-stop fishing. Anglers are not subject to a closed season, a size limit, or trout stamp requirements. Like in other areas of Alabama, fly fishing is incredibly popular. This method of fishing is well-suited for catching trout, as the angler’s motions imitate aquatic insects. Experienced anglers like to fly fish because it is more challenging and rewarding. Fishing from the middle of the river also provides them with a new, more immediate perspective of the surrounding landscape than regular fishing.

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Winston County’s extensive, diverse timber growth and plentiful resources for hunters and anglers make property for sale in this area well regarded and highly attractive to investors. Over $47 million of rural land for sale is currently available in Winston County, AL. This accounts for around 4,436 acres of land, with the sale price of property averaging $203,281. When you work with Tutt Land, we guide you through each stage in the sale, management, and development of Alabama land. More than 70 years of experience in the acquisition and brokering of land means we have the sales knowledge and skills to find the right land listing for you.

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