Relax In Pike County, AL

Nestled in the Central Southeast of Alabama lies Pike County, an area of land that beckons to one’s sense of adventure. With lush forests, pristine lakes and rivers, and all the wildlife a hunter could ask for, Pike County is the perfect area to find land for sale. Though many people understand the benefits of owning property, few are aware of how acutely profitable land for sale in rural areas can be. The return on investment on property sales in rural areas is often higher than land for sale in urban or suburban areas, especially in areas that are rich with resources such as Pike County

With opportunities for the sale of timber, development, and housing, the possibilities are endless. This section of Alabama is a wonderful place to find land for sale and has plentiful opportunities to create profit from the land and resources. With the city of Troy in the center, property in Pike County, AL includes both rural privacy and small-town charm, the ideal blend for most anyone. No matter what kind of lifestyle you seek, whether it is a permanent residence or vacation land, finding land for sale in Pike County will work for you.

Fishing is a major attraction of land for sale in Pike County, Alabama. The lakes and streams in the area have healthy populations of Coppernose Bluegills, Rainbow Trout, and Sunfish. It is not uncommon to find properties for sale in Pike County that have their own lakefront access. Even if one does not own lakefront property or land, the famous Pike Lake, a 45-acre body of water, is located just 5 miles south of Troy. No matter where one settles in Pike County, AL, fishing is an easy and integrated part of everyday life. 

Geographically, Pike County, AL is home to significant woodland areas. As part of the black belt of Alabama, land for sale in Pike County, AL, naturally occurring vegetation and tree growth are plentiful. The black belt indicates an area in Alabama with significantly nutrient-rich topsoil, a benefit to the trees that grow there. Because of this abundant growth, many properties in Pike County are ready for timber mining. Pine, Hickory, and Oak trees can generate significant income when sold as lumber, so in exchange for a bit of entrepreneurship, the land for sale in Pike County can easily turn a profit. Many species of Alabama trees regenerate and reseed quickly, making them a very low-maintenance asset to the property owner. 

Abundant tree growth and regenerative species of hardwood benefit the animal population in Pike County, AL, and by extension, benefit the hunting as well. The lush ground and tree cover create ideal conditions for deer, turkey, and dove to live and reproduce. This means plenty of opportunity for hunting in Pike County, AL, especially after taking advantage of a sale of one of the many great properties. As Alabama laws permit, there is opportunity to hunt and fish on one’s own property. Bag limit restrictions are low in Alabama, and hunting laws are not particularly restrictive. Finding land for sale in Pike County means the ability for private hunting, as well as the ability to offer the sale of hunting permits to others who travel from all over the country to hunt in Alabama’s fertile and highly-populated forests. 

Cost of living prices in Pike County are lower than the Alabama average, making property sales in the area affordable and accessible for first-time investors. The upfront cost of land for sale in the Pike County area will be relatively low. Still, as rural properties continue to gain popularity, Pike County property sales will continue to rise in monetary value.

Taking The Next Step for Pike County, AL Land for Sale

Because of the diversity of land listings available to Pike County landowners, it is wise to consider intention before diving into the sale process. AL land for sale is plentiful and armed with a plan for your future land, you’ll find the sale process to be much more enjoyable. Consider if you wish to hunt and fish on the land and whether waterfront access is imperative. Ask yourself if you’d like to look at timber sales as a means of profit or if you would like to develop the land for your own or commercial purposes. Think about whether you would rather own the property for the natural income it will bring when you put it back up for sale. Understanding what you need and want will ensure that you get what you want when it comes to your rural land sale experience. 

No matter what your plan is, Tutt Land Co. is the right team to help you with the rural land sale process. With over 70 years of experience in maintenance, AL land for sale brokerage, and development experience, the team at Tutt Land Co. knows exactly how to make your property ownership goals become a reality. If you would like to browse sale listings from the comfort of your own home, the Tutt Land Co.’s website has a user-friendly search function that allows you to find properties for sale based on your individual criteria. If you would rather have the helping hand of an agent right from the start, contact Tutt Land Co. to set up an appointment. With Tutt Land Co., your investment in Alabama rural land for sale will be smooth, easy, and made with confidence. Call us today!

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