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Have It All in Shelby County, AL 

Located just southeast of the Birmingham suburbs, Shelby County, AL is home to beautiful rural land amenities with incredible proximity to city life. With incredible, lush forests, stunning waterfalls, and bordering the Coosa River, this area of Alabama is special in so many ways. Though the proximity to the state capital city makes prices higher than average, the investment in land for sale in Shelby County, AL is absolutely worth it. Though urban and suburban areas are more populous, rural property sales have gained significant popularity in recent years. Many people are returning to lives of simplicity, living at a slower pace, and enjoying hobbies such as hunting and fishing. Because Shelby County, AL land for sale offers access to both urban and rural, it boasts a very competitive land sale market, and properties sell quickly. Still, properties also become a very significant asset to landowners. 

Shelby County, AL Has Pristine Land for Sale 

Timber sale value in Shelby County is absolutely unparalleled. Pine, Oak, and Hickory grow naturally in many parts of Alabama, including Shelby County. The same species of trees also sell for significant profit on the lumber market. Landowners in Shelby County have the unique opportunity to allow their parcel of land to earn income without placing the land for sale by harvesting and selling their timber to manufacturing companies. Because these species of trees are regenerative and low-maintenance, earning money from your property sale requires very little effort. Though its desirability makes Shelby County, AL, the wealthiest county in Alabama, participating in timber sales is a wonderful way to offset initial costs of land sales and ownership. Though there are significant perks to owning woodlands, Shelby County includes several acres of flatter land for sale as well. These property sales are ideal for aspiring ranch or horse owners, who will find a welcoming ranching community in the area.

Though certain areas of Shelby County, AL are protected by wildlife laws, there are still plenty of land listings that boast hunting opportunities. Many tracts of land for sale may be used to hunt and boast thriving turkey populations, herds of white-tailed deer, flocks of doves, and parliaments of quails. Due to Alabama’s unrestrictive state hunting laws, these non-protected properties provide the opportunity for landowners to hunt privately, without worrying about other hunters or lowered populations of game. Shelby County’s proximity to the city of Birmingham provides tracts of huntable land for sale, with the opportunity for a homeowner to lease their land for others to hunt. Because Alabama has a legendary hunting culture, folks travel from all over the country to experience it for themselves. Hunting tourists who visit Birmingham or other areas of Alabama often pay significant money to make the short drive to Shelby County and hunt for the day. Providing this service is a significant revenue stream for Shelby County landowners without having to place one’s property up for sale

Fishing in Shelby County, AL has much the same appeal to locals and tourists alike. With several large, public lakes to choose from, the area is teeming with Bass, Sturgeon, and Catfish populations. An adventure to catch, cook, and eat, these native southern fishes are a source of pride to the area’s local cuisine. Many pieces of land for sale in Shelby County have their own access to lakes and ponds, providing private fishing to the landowner. 

Joining the Shelby County Community 

Shelby County is a truly unique part of Alabama. Buying land for sale in this desirable area primes you to yield a baffling return on investment when you put the property back up for sale. The versatile landscape and proximity to Birmingham truly provide perks for every lifestyle, making these rural listings of AL land for sale wonderful options for most anyone.  However, before making any decision concerning land sale in Shelby County, one must consider how they would like the land to function within their lifestyle. Is the land set up for recreation or living? Is it for sale profit later? Are hunting and fishing a fundamental priority in how this land functions in your family? Answering property-oriented questions like these help the experts at Tutt Land Co. guide you to your perfect property sale

During this process, it is also imperative to weigh one’s wishes for their tract of land against their budget. Though property in Shelby County is one of a kind and absolutely unique, the desirability and location inside of Alabama’s wealthiest county do bring the land for sale more expensive. The team at Tutt Land Co. will make sure that the properties in question are well worth the money at hand, but it is imperative to keep sale prices in mind when searching for tracts of land for sale in this area.

Tutt Land Co. for Alabama Land for Sale 

Tutt Land Co. is the foremost brokerage firm in Alabama. With 70 years of experience in the buying, sale brokerage, management, and development of rural land in Shelby County, AL, the experts at Tutt Land Company can help you achieve any of your landowning goals. Browse Tutt Land Co.’s user-friendly property search engine to see the amazing Alabama property listings they have to offer or call to set up an appointment with an agent. No matter what you are looking for in AL land for sale, Tutt Land Company is here to help you conquer the sale of your little slice of Alabama heaven.

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