Land for Sale in Talladega County, AL

Known as the home of the famous Talladega Superspeedway racetrack, Talladega County, AL is situated in the center of the state within the Coosa River Valley. Its location on the Appalachian mountain range’s southern end means the county is divided into two distinct physiographic sections, Valley and Ridge in the northeast and Piedmont in the southwest. Both of which offer prime land sale options. Land in Talladega County, therefore, contains a vast range of geographical features, from high mountains and rugged, steep-sided ridges filled with timberland to plateaus prospected for gold during the turn of the twentieth century. Property in this region is incredibly valuable and land for sale is highly sought after.

Diverse, Profitable Land Options for Sale in Talladega County, AL 

The rich diversity among Talladega County’s 750-mile landscape has provided the county with numerous business opportunities throughout its history, mainly in the form of agriculture, animal husbandry, and lumbering. Mineral-rich plateau areas of property are filled with green fields perfect for farming a variety of products, with wheat being the most predominant. The value of cropland, which refers to land used for growing vegetables, fields crops, or hay, is especially high in Talladega County, with an average sale price of $3500 per acre. In Alabama, farm real estate value, including all rural land and buildings used in agricultural production, accounted for over $25 million of properties in 2019.

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Along with being ideal for agriculture, flat land for sale in Talladega County, AL also serves as excellent pastureland for grazing livestock, a profitable source of income. The average real estate value per acre of land in Alabama has demonstrated a consistent increase throughout the past several years, growing 2% just between 2019 and 2020. Talladega County pastureland property is currently valued at $2600 per acre, a significant improvement over the national average of $1400 per acre. This land is prized for its ability to sustain livestock of many varieties, which means that purchasing property in Talladega County allows you to receive a substantial return on investment if you’re looking for AL land for sale.

Extensive stretches of upland forest land throughout Talladega County provide residents with an impressive variety of timber species. Mature timber stands are carefully managed and harvested to earn huge sale profits for landowners, and companies across the country continue to invest large sums in innovative, expanding forestry products from Alabama. 

Talladega County, AL Features Highly Valuable Timberland for Sale

Property for sale in Talladega County, AL supports a number of rare and especially large timber varieties, as well as the common hardwood and softwood species prevalent throughout Alabama. This area’s unique ecosystem consists of distinct topography, soil types, vegetation, and historical patterns of land use that have created a highly variegated collection of habitats. Drainages and northern parts of the state provide the ideal home for hickories and oaks, while Virginia pines congregate along cliff lines and rock bluffs in Talladega County. Found along ridgelines and the side slopes of land at higher elevations is Chestnut oak, a durable hardwood for sale as construction lumber and beams, along with being a woodworker favorite for cabinets and furniture.

Lower elevation ridges contain loblolly pine, Alabama’s primary softwood species, as well as longleaf pine, a highly prized species said to grow sale value faster than wood. In fact, this area of land contains the greatest contiguous forest of longleaf pine in Alabama and is a valued item of sale. Compared to loblolly pine, longleaf pine produces a stronger, heavier timber because it naturally grows straighter with less tapering. It also lives longer and demonstrates resistance to disease and wild damage. These superior qualities make longleaf pine extremely economically competitive and allow it to create a higher return on investment in sales. This species is the top choice for high-grade sawtimber and even its needles can be sold for landscape mulch. 

Purchasing AL land for sale in Talladega County is a wise investment for anyone desiring decades of renewable profit.

Talladega County, AL Boasts First-Rate Outdoor Sports and Sale Property 

Numerous outdoor recreational activities are available in Talladega County, AL, including hunting at the Talladega National Forest and world class fishing in several freshwater sources. Encompassing 375,000 acres of low mountains and upland hills, the Talladega National Forest features hardwood and second-generation pine regrowth that provides an ideal habitat for an assorted array of game species hunted for sport or sale, including trophy white-tailed deer and wild turkey. Land management here involves controlled burning in different regions on a rotational basis, creating plant diversity that appeals to deer. The open understory provides clearer views over longer distances and easier walking, making it a prime spot for deer hunters looking to buy property for sale.

Talladega County features some of the best fishing in Alabama. Sites for sale are a coveted commodity here. Located on the Coosa around 30 miles east of Birmingham, the Logan Martin Reservoir spans 48.5 miles and contains 15,263 acres. Largemouth, spotted, and striped bass are abundant, with species displaying outstanding condition, excellent growth, and some of the best values in Alabama for records and sales. Channel catfish are plentiful in areas of sandy land with submerged trees and aquatic vegetation. Crappies are especially popular with anglers, who can catch these game fish throughout the year via a number of methods, even fishing vertically through the simultaneous use of multiple combinations of baits at different depths. Whether you are interested in fishing for sport or for the sale of your catch, Talladega County has the high-quality stock you’re looking for.

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If you are interested in purchasing rural land with a variety of usage opportunities, including incredibly valuable timber harvesting, Talladega County, Alabama is a top-notch location. Over $71 million of rural property and hunting land is available for sale in this county, representing over 6,700 acres of land listings. Contact the experts at Tutt Land today to discuss our available properties. With over 70 years of experience in negotiating land deals, we are the Southeastern continental US’s premier company for the sale, management, and development of timberland and hunting tracts. Whatever your investment goals, Tutt Land has the right Alabama property for you.

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