Land for Sale in Walker County, AL

Located in the northwestern part of Alabama, Walker County comprises 800 square miles of land within the Cumberland Plateau physiographic section. Properties that come up for sale are highly sought after but tend to be reasonably priced. The landscape consists of broad, high-elevation plateaus filled with pine and oak forests and divided by deep, narrow valleys. Walker County lies within the Black Warrior River Basin and features two of the river’s main forks, Mulberry and Sipsey. Only a twenty-minute drive to Birmingham, Walker County property for sale provides residents with the best of the city and the country. They enjoy access to the various amenities of a major metro area, while retaining the peacefulness and quaint charm that make Walker County properties so coveted when they are listed for sale.

Originally an agricultural land dominated by wheat and corn, Walker County later experienced the development of a thriving industrial economy. Coal and timber industries boomed during the nineteenth century, assisted by the widespread transportation options offered by new railroad lines. Warrior Coal Field is North America’s southernmost coal producing area and contains vast deposits of this precious material for sale. Today, Walker County, AL provides investors with extensive opportunities for timberland property, as well as exceptional hunting and fishing resources for sale. The rural land sales experts at Tutt Land can help you outline your goals for investing and development and will make sure you find the right AL land for sale to accomplish them.

Valuable Timberland for Sale in Walker County, AL

Within Walker County, AL lies far-reaching, densely wooded areas of timberland available for periodic harvesting and sale to the highest bidder. Valuable timberland property for sale is found among varied topography, with tall bluffs, gentle ridges, sloping canyons, sandstone cliffs, fertile stream bottoms, and steep gorges that feature beautiful waterfalls. Pine woods are mixed with mature stands of large hardwood species including beech, black gum, sweetgum, maple, holly, poplar, and several varieties of oak, such as red, post, white, and Spanish. Within the nearly 200,000 thousand-acre land of the Bankhead National Forest lives one tulip poplar that is almost 500 years old and reaches 150 feet into the sky. 

Ranked as the third most heavily forested state in the country, Alabama is nationally recognized for its incredible amount of high-quality timberland property and Walker County is no different. Lumber and paper products manufacturers have successfully adapted a number of innovative technologies over recent years and diversified their inventory to maximize sales profits. And with 23 million acres of timberland in Alabama, these sales profits have been enormous. The forestry products industry offers almost endless opportunities for timberland owners as investments continue to increase every year. Land for sale in this part of Alabama is highly sought after by developers.

Similar to the rest of Alabama, Walker County property consists of a valuable mix of softwood species and hardwood species. Loblolly pine forms the majority of pine forests across Alabama, but Walker County includes longleaf pine stands, as well. Compared to the loblolly pine, the long-leaf pine produces tougher, heavier timber with straighter growth and less tapering. In combination with a long lifespan and hardy resistance to disease and damage, this species can be harvested for substantial long-term sales profits. It is the number one choice for turning into high-grade sawtimber that will be used for creating construction posts, beams, and railroad ties. The average price per ton of sawtimber grows every year as the housing market expands and the domestic economy improves. Timber harvesting sale opportunities flourish when you buy AL land for sale in Walker County. 

Walker County, AL Land for Sale Offers World-Class Fishing

Walker County’s abundant freshwater sources serve as the perfect habitat for a number of wildlife species and support numerous outdoor recreational activities. The 61.4-mile Sipsey Fork of the Black Warrior River is the only river in Alabama that has received the designation of “Wild and Scenic,” meaning it is free of any impoundments, includes undeveloped, primitive shorelines and watersheds, and contains unpolluted water. Some sections are accessible only by trail, while others may be reached by roads. In this part of Alabama, the river runs cool throughout the year, providing an ideal rainbow trout habitat. The Sipsey Fork boasts the only all-year trout fishing in Alabama and is stocked every month with around 3,000 rainbow trout. Property in this area is a trout angler’s paradise for sale.

Well regarded for deep, clear water and excellent sport fishing, Walker County’s Lewis Smith Lake is unique among Alabama’s man made reservoirs. While many of them can be small and shallow, this lake stretches 35 miles with 21,000 acres, 500 miles of shoreline, and a maximum depth of 264 feet. Several varieties of bass are plentiful in Lewis Smith Lake, including largemouth, spotted, striped, and white. Anglers frequently catch trophy striped bass of 40 pounds and over, so numerous professional bass fishing tournaments are held here to take advantage of this abundance. Anglers also catch black and white crappie, bluegill, red-ear and long-ear sunfish, and channel and flathead catfish. Lewis Smith Lake and its surrounding areas serve as an optimal habitat for many threatened and endangered species, such as the Bald Eagle. 

Tutt Land Can Help You Purchase AL Land for Sale in Walker County

If you are considering making an investment in a rural property, Walker County provides diverse timberland that can be harvested, put up for sale, and regrown for decades. This market-protected, life-long investment provides a substantial return, supports the economy of Alabama, and acts as a rewarding asset to be passed down to future generations. Walker County timber for sale is complemented by excellent wildlife habitats and fishing grounds. Some property owners may even find rich enough coal deposits under their land to make a sale.

Walker County, AL has $84 million of rural properties available, accounting for 7,653 acres of land for sale that can be used for timber harvesting or recreation. Over 70 years of experience negotiating successful land deals throughout the Southeastern US has made Tutt Land an expert in the sale, management, and development of rural land. We can find the right Alabama property sale for you, whatever your investment or development goals. To view our land listings, check out our website or give us a call today.

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