Land for Sale Early County, GA

This county in southwest Georgia covers 516 square miles, 513 square miles of which are land, and 3.8 of which are water bodies. Emanuel's seat is Blakely, which also doubles as the largest seat. The county started in 1818, and is named after Georgia's 28th governor Peter Early. Emanuel borders counties like Clay, Baker, Calhoun, and Miller. Similarly, the western side neighbors the Chattahoochee River, which forms a boundary with Alabama.

Listing Details of Average Property Values

Early County, GA has hundreds of displayed rural listings, which stretch beyond 2,300 acres. Out of 159 counties, Early comes 72nd when calculating the total advertised land in Georgia. As such, the combined and average value of the land for sale in Early County is $11 million and $479,284, respectively.

The Perfect County for Timberland Investments

Forestland is perfect for anyone looking for a stable investment in Early County. First, biological growth boosts timber values every year. Because trees differ in their growth cycles, you can sell part of the forest before all of your trees mature. Seeds could also develop into new grounds and boost your tree populations.

The good news is timber sales aren't the only profit opportunity. You can also lease out your Georgia parcel to adventurers who want to hike or go ATVing. This is in addition to vacant land's appreciation potential.

This is not forgetting the significant environmental impact. Besides adding some green to your property, trees clean the atmosphere, offer shade, and act as windbreaks. You also protect forest ecosystems with your timberland in Early County, GA.

Hunting Land for Sale in Early County, GA

There are about 1,000 acres of advertised Early County, GA hunting land. Securing a parcel grants you access to different species, for example, quail, turkey, ducks, pigs, and doves. You can also find mule and whitetail deer on your Early County, GA land. At the same time, hunting land means freedom.

You don't need anyone's permission to improve your parcel. In addition to setting aside food plots, you can also plant trees on your Georgia land, trim back shrubs, and drill water points for habitat improvement.

Moreover, you have all the wildlife to yourself instead of competing with other people. Hunting is also therapeutic. You get to connect with nature, enjoy some sunshine, and breathe the fresh air outside. Best of all, you have fun with friends and family. You can teach your children about wildlife and even impart valuable life lessons.

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