Newton County, Mississippi

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Land for Sale Newton County, Mississippi

Named after Sir Isacc Newton, Newton County is centrally located in the heart of Mississippi. The county is known for its great deer hunting land, sprawling mature hardwoods, and fertile rural land listings. Whether you would like to settle into the quiet life on one of the many Newton County farms for sale or in a property that sits within the modern and built-up Newton City limits, there is a perfect property for every investor.

Newton County, Vacant Land for Sale

Property for sale in Newton County, Ms is conveniently located between Neshoba County to the North, Lauderdale County to the East, Jasper County on its Southern border, and Scott County to the west. It benefits from well-established infrastructure already set up in the surrounding counties and easy access to the neighboring state of Alabama.

Major roadways include Interstate 20, U.S. Highway 80, and Mississippi Highway 15. With a long-standing history, the well-noted and established Mississippi railway services the county connecting it to adjacent counties. The James H. Easom Field airport also lends its hand to the county, making it a fully serviced hub of connectivity; its easy accessibility makes any piece of land for sale in Newton County prime real estate well worth the investment.

Finding Bliss in Rural Acreage

The county consists of 585 square miles, including 1.5 square miles are of which are pristine waterways. The waterways make for excellent water sporting activities; from canoeing to kayaking, the county is a recreation hub. Bienville National Forrest is an integral part of life in the county. Its luscious forests are a hub of recreational activity spread between rural pasture lands that offer investors an opportunity to strike a balance between work-life and recreational relaxation.

Newton County, Ms land for sale consists of an average of 1,782 acres of rural land and other property for sale. An average listing price for land sits at an average of $236,857, making it an affordable option for property investors looking for prime real estate at an affordable price.

The Industrial Hub Of The South

Newton County, Ms is part of one of the fastest-growing industrial hubs in the region. This county's land is rich and conveniently located, with abundant industrial and agricultural opportunities. Its location and accessibility make it ideal for small to large enterprises that rely on a steady and skilled labor force.

You can ensure that the available property sits within the most suitable area space for all your investment needs. There is a property type for all investors, from sprawling timberland, farms, and lusciously rolling rural lands for sale in Newton County, Ms, there is a property type for all investors.

Versatility in Newton County, MS Land for Sale

Whether you want to settle down in Little Rock, in the heart of the county in Newton City, or even Decatur itself, there is a property with your name. You can be sure to find a property that ticks all the boxes on your dream property for sale. Land for sale in Newton County, Ms is picturesque and functional.

The rural farmlands for sale are perfect for agricultural pursuits, from small hobby farms to large-scale cattle operations, and the opportunities are endless. Timberlands in the area consist of pine and mature hardwoods. The forested areas are an ideal source of bio-diversity, perfect for hunting and relaxing hiking trips.

Working With Skilled Property Brokers At Tutt Land Co.,

Looking for your dream property listed in Newton County, Ms? With plenty of options available, you will find the ideal property in no time. Finding the right property is easy with Tutt Land Co; our team of property experts and 70 years of in-depth industry experience mean your property dreams are in good hands. Whether you need a piece of land to develop or an already established timberland to invest your future in, we will help you find the right property to suit all your needs. Get in touch with a team member today to find the suitable space that ticks every box.

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