Land for Sale Hickman County, TN

Bordering Dickson, Maury, Lewis, Humphreys, Williamson, and Perry counties, Hickman covers 613 square miles and has a population of around 24,925, according to the 2020 census. The county is home to numerous streams, including the Duck River, which runs westward, and tributaries such as Lick Creek, Beaverdam, Leatherwood, and Swan. Another stream is Cane Creek, which cuts across the southwest tip of Hickman County. 

The topography is largely a broken surface, consisting of deep ravines and rolling ridges. To the north, Hickman County features plateau lands that extend across Dickson County to form the watershed linking the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers.

Cost of Hickman County, TN Land for Sale

Hickman County, TN boasts more than 7,500 acres of advertised land—with a combined (and average) value of $32 million and $746,523, respectively. In terms of total land listings, Hickman comes 8th out of Tennessee's 95 counties.

Remember, land prices aren’t uniform: Value changes from one location to another based on several factors. The first one is demand. Like other assets, land is more valuable when it’s low in supply. This explains why prime areas have higher property prices than outskirts.

Topography also matters. For example, steep parcels are harder to develop, making them less desirable and reducing their value. Another factor is the area’s development. A parcel fetches more if it neighbors a popular landmark, major road, or transport linkage.

Timberland in Hickman County, TN

Whether you're venturing into sustainable forest investments or you want a wooded tract for logging, there are acres of timberland properties for sale in Hickman County. American beech, white oak, hickory, tulip poplar—you name it, the area has diverse tree varieties. You enjoy numerous benefits when you buy a forested lot in Hickman County. First, ingrowth increases your timber's quantity and value.

Moreover, you can capitalize on price movements by leaving your trees on the farm until you get a favorable deal. That's not to mention portfolio diversification. Instead of only relying on volatile stocks, you can minimize financial risk with a wooded tract. Tennessee real estate even appreciates over time. Aside from their monetary value, trees purify the atmosphere while offering shade and wildlife habitats. The forested tract also doubles as a recreational tract. You can go biking, birdwatching, or set up a campsite inside your property.

Agricultural Land Listings Displayed in Hickman County, TN

There are around 123,451 acres of farmland in this county, per the 2017 census of Agriculture. Here, you can grow beans, oilseeds, peas, grains, potatoes, melons, and even veggies. Over the years, farmers in Hickman County, TN have tried various crops, including cotton, barley, oats, wheat, and peanuts.

Furthermore, Hickman County, TN is rich in pastureland, making the area perfect for livestock. You can keep goats, horses, sheep, and hogs—or even raise poultry for eggs and meat.

Find Land Through a Reputable Investment Partner

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