Perry County, Tennessee

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Land for Sale Perry County, TN

With Linden as its largest town, Perry borders Humphreys County, as well as Wayne, Decatur, Lewis, Hickman, and Benton. It covers 423 square miles, with 415 square miles and 8.1 square miles of land and water, respectively.

The county has two major rivers—the Tennessee River, which forms the county's western border, and the Buffalo River which flows northward, cutting across the center of the county. Perry County, TN is also home to Lady's Bluff Small Wild Area, which offers views of the Tennessee River, sinkholes, limestone outcrops, and old cedars.

Another attraction is the Mousetail Landing State Park on the banks of the awesome Tennessee River. You can go to this 1,247-acre park for camping, picnics, and fishing.

Cost of Land for Sale in Perry County

In terms of total listings, Perry comes 41st out of all of Tennessee's counties. With hundreds of properties available for sale, Perry County has 2,469 acres in land listings. The total value of this land for sale is approximately $16 million, bringing average prices to $257,333.

Several factors influence land for sale values. For example, a parcel costs more if amenities like hospitals, schools, and parks are nearby. What's more, high-value properties are accessible and have trails and adequate road and river frontage.

Improvements also raise the cost of your middle TN parcel. This includes buildings, wells, bridges, and ponds.

Forested Land in Perry County, Tennessee

Perry County boasts numerous wild plant and timber varieties. These include walnut, black, white, chestnut oak, and hickory. There are several reasons why timberland is a great getaway property.

First, you uphold environmental responsibility by preserving the forest cover in Perry County, TN. Apart from purifying the air, trees prevent erosion and act as windbreakers. You could also set timberland properties aside for multiple building spots and campsites.

When it comes to monetary value, forestland multiplies your investment with timber's biological growth. Your land also appreciates over time. Additionally, timber offers low volatility, making it safer than stocks and other tradable assets.

Excellent Hunting Land for Sale in Perry County, Tennessee

Perry County is home to numerous game species, including rabbit, whitetail deer, eastern wild turkey, fox squirrel, and gray squirrel. Although their populations are low, you're likely to find bobwhite quail and mourning dove as well.

Perry County, Tennessee also has different migratory fowl, for instance, mallard, Canada goose, and gadwall. Likewise, the Buffalo River is a popular nesting location for wood ducks.

Invest in Perry County with Tutt Land

We are a full-service TN real estate company that also operates in Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and more. From timberland management to the brokerage and development of commercial and non-commercial tracts, Tutt Land specializes in different property services. While officially our company began in 1991, our industry experience spans more than seven decades. We use our networks to identify the best building site for our clients and advertise undeveloped land to potential buyers.

Our marketing campaigns cut across different media so you can have further seller confidence. We have also had the great privilege to be featured on the Outdoor Channel numerous times. Furthermore, we help promote our brand by inviting famous personalities to tour our hunting properties. We have a massive online reach, including national listing sites and social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Additionally, we review our website regularly for maximum reach of our properties.

The best part of working with us for your rural land needs is our network of different real estate professionals. For example, we have registered foresters to observe the timber market and share insights on products and trends. Our agents also collaborate with wildlife managers and land experts on various assignments. Do you want to enjoy the beautiful TN rolling hills? Send us a message to learn more about our land for sale in Perry County, TN.

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