Decatur County, Tennessee

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Land for Sale Decatur County, TN

This county emerged in 1845, borrowing its name from Stephen Decatur, a former American naval officer. Decatur County, which touches the Tennessee River, is mostly rural, with several communities and small towns. It has its county seat at Decaturville, which is near the center. Decatur County neighbors Perry County to the east, Henderson County to the west, Benton to the north, Hardin to the south, Carroll to the northwest, and Wayne to the southeast. Decatur County, TN stretches more than 345 square miles, with 334 square miles being land and the remaining 11 square miles consisting of bodies of water.

Geography of Decatur County, TN

Decatur County, TN has different landscapes. For starters, its coastal plain contains narrow valleys and sharp ridges with loose gravel. On the other hand, the Loess Plain, which falls in the central area of Decatur County, has a thin silt layer covering most of the zone. The Limestone Hills are characterized by deep valleys and parallel ridges. When it comes to water bodies, the Tennessee River runs south to north through the eastern border—while many of its tributaries traverse eastwards.

Agricultural Land for Sale in Decatur County, TN

Farming is a major economic activity in Decatur County, TN, with locals engaging in both non-commercial and income-generating agriculture. Historically, agriculture has provided the main economic base for the county. The early settlers who entered Decatur County by boat through the Tennessee River practiced farming on a non-commercial basis.

At the time, most of the agricultural land in Decatur County, TN had cotton and corn as chief staples. Early settlers also grew tobacco for sale and home use before turning to peanut farming. Over the years, farmers have tried different crops including cowpeas, soybeans, white, red, and hop clover. Livestock farming is also common in Decatur County, TN, with hogs being the most popular.

Prospective Properties Consumers Can Invest in Timberland

Forested land for sale is common in Decatur County, TN, owing to the abundance of native hardwoods such as hickory, tulip, red, and white oak. There are several reasons to consider timberland properties. First, trees promise steady returns thanks to biological growth. As they grow, trees increase in density and weight, boosting their value per ton. The land also appreciates as trees grow.

If timber prices are unstable, you can leave your trees to grow until you find a favorable market. Timberland properties are also an excellent long-term investment. Assuming you're planning for your child's college education, you can sell your timber plantation in a few years to cover the cost.

The Average Cost of Decatur County, TN Land

The value of Decatur land for sale listings stands at $27 million. That translates to 4,100 acres of sale land in Decatur County, leaving the average cost at $200,547. Note that the cost of land for sale around Decatur County, TN differs with location. For instance, TN land for sale near major roads and landmarks might be costlier than parcels in remote areas.

The parcel's condition also matters—sellers demand more for fertile land than worn-out fields. Developments on TN land for sale such as houses, wells, sheds, bridges, and ponds could also boost its price.

Find Decatur County, TN Land Deals with Tutt Land

Navigating the TN real estate scene can be tricky if you go it alone. That's why you need a company like Tutt Land Co. who understands property transactions such as management, brokerage, and property development. Our 70-year track record ensures you have the necessary professional representation to complete a land for sale dealing in Decatur County, TN.

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What's more, you benefit from the expertise of various land experts. Supposing you're interested in forested land for sale, you can trust our agents' advice thanks to their one-on-one contact with registered foresters. Other Decatur County land sale experts in our team include wildlife professionals and land managers. Are you buying or selling land in Decatur County? Reach out to discuss your investment options.

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