Located in the heart of Alabama, Autauga County is the perfect place to search for investment opportunities in the form of properties for sale. After all, the key to successfully investing in land is ensuring that the property on sale you purchase is located in the area most suited to your needs, and Autauga County, AL has much to offer. Common interpretations of the meaning of the name “Autauga” include “Clear Water” and “Land of Plenty,” both of which are indicative of the natural resources that flourish here.

Land for sale in this area of Alabama is characterized by the presence of numerous bodies of water, attracting a variety of wildlife while remaining within a reasonable distance of modern recreational facilities and important amenities. However, one of the greatest strengths of Autauga County is its untapped potential. Considered by many to be one of the fastest-growing counties in Alabama, it is ripe for development. A property purchased now will likely increase significantly in value in the years to come.

The Geography of Autauga County, AL Land for Sale

Most of the land in Autauga County falls within the Gulf Coastal Plain, a popular place for waterfowl to settle during the winter, given the ample wetlands available in central Alabama. However, due to being located near the Atlantic Seaboard Fall Line, land for sale in Autauga County also includes hilly areas that have become covered in forests over time, allowing for large tracts of diverse timberland to form. Timber is a fantastic natural resource in Alabama and often proves to be a very secure investment in the long term. Within Autauga County, varieties of timber present in the land for sale include longleaf pines, loblolly pines, and several types of hardwood.

As far as Alabama wildlife is concerned, white-tailed deer and turkey are the primary game animals located in the area. That being said, hunting enthusiasts will come across plenty of other creatures within the property for sale, such as quail, rabbit, squirrel, and ducks.

Developed Land for Sale in Autauga County, AL

In addition to vacant plots of rural land, there are also several properties for sale that have already been developed and are ready to be enjoyed. Browsing through the land listings for sale available online via Tutt Land, you can easily locate cozy acreages in Autauga County with prefabricated structures. While developed land can be more expensive, it allows you the opportunity to forego the process of construction and start spending lengths of time hunting on your property shortly after the sale is finalized.

Given the vast amount of wildlife in the area, much of the land for sale has been developed with hunting in mind. This means that you can choose to purchase a property listed in Autauga County that already includes pre-built hunting stands based around animal behavior around said property for your convenience.

Some of the land for sale in Autauga County, AL has been developed for other purposes. Tutt Land includes listings for sale in Autauga County that have previously served as horse or cattle ranches, both of which can be highly profitable investments. Should you ever choose to sell your property, the additional features will increase its value, allowing you to make an advantageous sale. Other tracts of land have been developed to function as timber plantations, set to house massive amounts of valuable trees. Regardless of your needs, you will find ample opportunities to get a satisfactory return on your investments when purchasing land for sale in Autauga County.

Much of the Alabama land listed for sale that has yet to be fully developed still includes easy access to a main road, allowing you to visit your property any time of the year after the sale has been finalized. In fact, several of the properties for sale have roads that bisect the acreage or feature multiple points of entry, allowing you to travel more quickly to every corner of your property. The road access also provides an added level of flexibility, allowing property owners to divide up their land and list portions of it for sale if they see fit to do so.

The Value of Land for Sale in Autauga County, AL

Beyond any valuable features that may be available on the Alabama properties listed for sale on Tutt Land, there is an inherent value to the land itself. Within Alabama, Autauga County ranks 12th in the state in terms of land for sale. In total, the acres currently available are worth almost $41 million. In terms of individual properties, the average price of Alabama land for sale in Autauga County is $268,158.

Locating Tracts of Rural Land for Sale in Autauga County

If you are ready to make your home away from home in Autauga County, you’ll need a reliable source of Alabama land listings that accurately reflect what is currently for sale. Tutt Land features a user-friendly platform that is consistently updated to display actualized information detailing what land is for sale in the area. Each listing includes detailed explanations of the individual features, images of the property, and the final sale price.

Nearby Counties for Land Investment