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Situated in the central part of Alabama, Chilton County is best known for being the state’s largest commercial peach producer and is therefore referred to as the peach county. Peach orchards and their property comprise 1,500 acres, yielding 11 million pounds of fruit in 2015 and earning over $6 million for landowners. However, while peaches are an important industry, the county’s most profitable industry is timber, especially after the construction of hydroelectric plants on the Coosa River. Timber for sale is crucial to the area’s economy.

Chilton County, AL, includes 695 square miles of land or 444,800 acres. Ranked 35th among Alabama’s counties for the total acreage of rural land available for purchase, Chilton County holds 5,919 acres for sale. This amounts to over $40 million, with an average price of $307,599 per property. According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service records, the 2020 value of Alabama’s farm real estate is at $3,150 for sale per acre, cropland real estate at $3,500 for sale per acre, and pasture real estate at $2,600 for sale per acre.

Chilton County Land for Sale Offers Timberland & Timber Value

Alabama property has always been known for its vast, dense timberlands, and the forestry industry has been an important part of the state’s economy for decades. With sawmills' increase in size and efficiency during the 20th century, the forestry products industry boomed. As of 2009, over 88,000 jobs in Alabama were part of the forestry sector, with a total production output of over $18.9 billion.

The forest property found predominantly in Alabama is the oak-hickory, which covers 7.3 million acres, or 32% of the state’s forests. The loblolly pine is the most prevalent among softwood species, accounting for 75% of softwood volume at around 12 billion cubic feet. Red oaks, white oaks, yellow-poplar, sweetgum, and hickory species are Chilton County, AL's most common hardwood species.

Of the nation’s 48 contiguous states, Alabama rates third in timberland property coverage, with 23 million acres of timberland, making up 71% of the state's total land area. Since 1936, forest coverage has demonstrated a 21% increase. Between 1953 and 2010, the volume of hardwood species increased by 146%, and softwood species increased by 163%. Alabama’s timberland currently contains 15 billion cubic feet of hardwood species and 14.8 billion cubic feet of softwood species, featured on most tracts of land for sale in Chilton County, AL.

As more money is invested in forestry products and innovative new ideas are incorporated into the industry, there have been consistently high profits in all areas when investing in this property type. Between 2014 and 2015, investments in Alabama’s forestry products industry increased by almost 29%, an incredible accomplishment for a single year. As demand for materials increases, the housing market expands, and the domestic economy improves, stumpage prices for all products have shown a steady increase. This trend shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, so decide now to research land for sale in Chilton County and get started on an incomparable investment property.

Examining the price of different forestry products for sale over time reveals how valuable Alabama timberland property has proven to be in recent history. Auburn University found the following changes in stumpage value on lands between 2007 and 2016:

  • Southern pine pulpwood’s average price for sale per ton increased by 34%
  • Mixed hardwood pulpwood's average price for sale per ton more than doubled
  • Mixed hardwood saw timber price for sale per ton increased by 64%
  • Aak saw average timber price for sale per ton increased by 46%

Considering all of this information makes it obvious that purchasing Chilton County, AL land for sale containing timber is a worthwhile investment with years of returns. Investors should take advantage when such property comes up for sale. Take your first step toward making a profit by checking out the land for sale in Chilton County, AL.

Advantages of Investing in Alabama Timberland Properties for Sale

  1. Timberland is what is referred to as a “hard asset.” This means it is a long-lasting means of protecting and generating wealth, even during economic downturns. Timber sales protect the Chilton County, AL community.
  2. Throughout history, timberland shows consistently excellent returns in long-term investments for sales. This includes returns from price appreciation and biological growth.
  3. Timberland investments are a source of regular income throughout area land, including periodic harvesting of trees and annual hunting leases.
  4. Timberland is a low-risk investment due to low price volatility and high correlation with inflation.
  5. The value of timberland is not correlated with stocks, so timberland sales diversify your portfolio.

What Is Land for Sale Near Talladega National Forest in Chilton, County, AL?

Chilton County offers an amazing opportunity for land investment due to its valuable timberland for sale; it also features the Talladega National Forest, which offers beautiful scenic views and plenty of public hunting land. This reserve was created in 1936 by the federal government to help restore timber and farm lands that have been clear-cut and are, therefore, unable to produce crops. The land encompasses 375,000 acres of sloping ridges and floodplains, filled with mature longleaf pine, native grasses, and low shrubs. Animals that frequent the Talladega National Forest include white-tailed deer, which licensed hunters are welcome to track and bag during approved deer seasons. This provides avid hunters with an alternative to hunting solely within the confines of any land for sale they decide to purchase.

Contact the Experts at Tutt Land to Find Land for Sale on Chilton County Property

Now that you’ve learned just how valuable Alabama property and its rural lands can be, call the experts at Tutt Land to find out how to find these properties when they do come up for sale in Chilton, County, AL. The agents at our full-service real estate company are knowledgeable, professional, and ready to help you find the perfect land for sale. With over 70 years of experience in developing and managing several different types of properties and land listings, rest assured that we can successfully broker the best possible deal for you.

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