Invest in Land for Sale in Elmore County, AL

Fashioned from parts of four surrounding counties, Elmore County is a historical landmark in Alabama. This historical center is situated in Alabama's Eastern Central region. It boasts a wealth of wildlife and rolling hills rich with fertile soil, which is only part of why land for sale in Elmore County, AL, is so popular.

The county spans a total of 657 miles—35 miles of which include vast waterways—making it a fishing hub. A host of local activities and amenities make it the perfect place to invest in Elmore County, AL real estate.

Geography of Elmore County, AL

The rolling hills in Elmore Co. are one of its most attractive features, alongside the vast waterways. The hilly areas of the Piedmont region are perfect timber produce lands, featuring a diverse enough geography that makes them ideal for hunting season and outdoor recreational activities.

Prominent river cities include Wetumpka and Tallassee. These towns form an integral part of one of the fastest-growing counties in Alabama: Elmore. With easy access to local waterways, avid anglers are bound to find the perfect piece of land to cast their lot in.

There's Not Just Hunting Land for Sale in Elmore County

Elmore is not just a haven for hunting land listings. It is the fastest-growing county in Alabama—with perfect tilling land that is ideal farmland for potential agricultural prospects. The soils found within the fork between Tallapoosa and Coosa rivers are where you will find some of the best earth for farming activities. These are connected by waterways rich with various species of fish, making it a haven for backyard anglers.

The sprawling hills offer premium land for timber to grow—from pine to hardwoods. There is ample opportunity to find the right type of timber for your property with ease. Elmore is a proven investment haven that offers not only peace of mind, but a slice of paradise for investors that want to establish roots for generations to come.

A Landowner's Dream

Elmore County, Alabama properties are a landowner's dream, with an average cost of $284,165 per acre, and comprising everything from ranches to land ready to be tilled. Potential property owners can look forward to making their mark on multi-purpose land.

Land in Elmore is the perfect investment for anyone who loves the wilderness, with the added convenience of accessing local interstates and roadways to adjacent counties such as Montgomery, Tallapoosa, and Coosa. Its easy accessibility makes it the prime location for many property investors.

Notable Landmarks

Home of the Wetumpka Crater, Elmore is the site of a unique geological feature that is considered a tourist attraction for those interested in the deep history the county has to offer. Its rich history provides insight into how the land became a hub of agriculture and trade.

Elmore is the perfect place for hunters and fishers to settle in and relax, as well as enjoy the scenic bliss of local wildlife. It is a haven that attracts fishermen, watersports, boating enthusiasts, and more. The county boasts one of the largest artificial lakes in Alabama, Lake Martin, also known as the 'pearl of Alabama.' With a sprawling 700 mile shoreline nestled on the Tallapoosa River, it is a waterway that spans 40,000 acres when full.

Investment Property for Sale

Land in Elmore Co. is not just ordinary land: It is prime investment real estate. It is the perfect place for property investors to add to portfolios and introduce potential development sites or advance those who would like to sow the seeds of success with timberland harvests.

The quality of the land changes depending on the location within the county, offering you a wide selection of options to choose from when investing. Whether your interests lie in steady lumber growth, agriculture, croplands, or a ranch-style setting on an acre to call home, you can be confident that this is the county to invest in.

Whether looking to invest in foreclosures or vacant land, there is almost always a property type and size that suits just about anyone's needs and budget. Our team of land brokerage professionals can help you find the perfect location to invest in for your future property.

Expert Land Advice

With 70 years of expertise in property ownership, management, and development, our team can offer an expert opinion on different types and varieties of land and if they align with your needs. Additionally, our website provides you with many local listings within Elmore that contain all the critical information points to help in your decision.

Due to the sprawling hills and vibrant agricultural land, it is vital to establish what you need in your investment properties. A qualified property broker can take you through a range of listings suited to your needs right down to the acreage. Dealing with professionals can help you avoid needless stress and frustration, especially if you are unfamiliar with the local areas prior to investing in Elmore, AL land.

Tutt Land Co.: Experts in Local Land For Sale in Elmore County

The rolling hills of Elmore County are the perfect place to situate yourself and/or your land investments. Whether you are looking for an acre (or twenty) to lay your foundation, Tutt Land Co. is the local land and property expert that can help guide you to the right property. Our listings are carefully evaluated and vetted to find the most suitable property for your needs. Plus, our many combined years of experience can be put to good use for you.

Get in touch with our team to discuss your needs and find the right property for you to invest in. Our 70+ years of industry experience have afforded us a wealth of knowledge in property ownership, management, and development for a truly full-service land brokerage experience.

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