Rural land for sale in Chambers County, Alabama is ideal to those seeking to invest in profitable properties. Located in the east-central part of Alabama, Chambers County was the heart of the textile mill industry in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Over time, this contributed to a strong and stable economy that remains present in modern times, making Chambers County, AL an attractive place of residence and an excellent location to seek out land for sale. The Chattahoochee and Tallapoosa Rivers both run through the county, making it an ideal spot for fishing. This county also features the country’s second biggest man-made lake, West Point Lake, which offers a diverse selection of native species of wildlife. If you are beginning a search for AL land for sale, Chambers, County, AL is a great place to start.

Chambers County covers 596 square miles of Alabama property, or 381,440 acres, and ranks 37th in the state for total acreage of rural properties, hunting land, and ranches available for sale. This encompasses 5,300 acres of land for sale in Alabama, valued at over $35 million with an average price of $307,599 per property. Property owners choosing to rent out their pastureland in 2020 received an average cash rent value of $20.50 per acre, up from $18.50 per acre in 2019. This allows them to earn back any money spent finalizing the sale of the land in the first place.

An Abundance of Assets Within Chambers County, AL Land for Sale

While plain pastureland is certainly valuable, what makes land in Chambers County a particularly good investment is the combination of features present in each property for sale. Tracts of land available include small streams or water features, which are critical in ensuring that wildlife continues to visit your property, in addition to extensive amounts of timberland.

Timber is a highly coveted asset on land for sale, especially in the state of Alabama. Over the years, timber has continued to steadily increase in value as an Alabama resource. This, combined with the fact that it is generally low maintenance as it grows naturally off the rich, fertile land for sale in Chambers County, makes it an extremely convenient investment. Timber most often found in Chambers County, AL land for sale includes long leaf and loblolly pines, and mature hardwoods like white oaks.

Because of all these natural features, food plots grow easily on Chambers County land for sale, giving property owners more control over determining when and where they want wildlife on their land. This is a simple way to bait wild animals to specific areas in the property that have already been developed for hunting purposes, allowing you to reap the benefits of freshly caught game.

Alabama Wildlife & Recreation at West Point Lake Near Land for Sale

Owned and maintained by the US Army Corp of Engineers, West Point Lake is a man-made water reservoir impounded by the West Point Dam along the Chattahoochee River. Property for sale near this area is premium real estate. The dam was constructed in 1962 for hydroelectric power, flood control, recreational purposes, and fish and wildlife development. Its generators provide enough power to serve 24,000 Alabama homes every year. If you decide to develop the Chambers County land for sale you purchase, it is possible that the dam could power your cabin as well.

The lake itself encompasses 25,900 acres and provides first-rate opportunities for fishing to those searching for land for sale in Chambers County, AL, in addition to other outdoor recreational activities. With a dozen creeks and over 40 square miles of water, fishing is by far the most popular activity. Thousands of fishermen from Alabama to Oregon travel to this area to fish the lake for bass, crappie, bream, and catfish. Most of them anticipate when land in the area comes up for sale. These highly coveted plots of land for sale allow for easy access to substantial amounts of fish.

The lake is rather deep, with an average depth of 23 feet, and its woody underwater debris and few submerged structures encourage the concentration of fish species, particularly largemouth bass. Smallmouth bass, bream, bluegill, and channel catfish are abundant, too, and 525 miles of shoreline provide excellent spots for bank fishing. Imagine purchasing a property where you can fish every day, all year round, right out of your backyard. Buying land for sale in Chambers County can make that a reality.

Additional Natural Features Near Land for Sale in Chambers County, AL

Across Chambers County is known as the home of Alabama’s most attractive public fishing lakes, and land for sale here appeals to a wide variety of people. Aside from Alabama’s West Point Lake, another notable body of water in Chambers County, AL is the 183-acre Chambers County Lake in Lafayette, which is often frequented by waterfowl, waders, swallows, Bald Eagles, and Ospreys. The lake is regularly stocked with fish, including crappie, bream, catfish, carp, and bass. If you decide to purchase land for sale that does not include any significant water features on the property, you will still have access to prime fishing locations due to the proximity of Chamber County’s public lakes.

Find AL Land for Sale in Chambers County By Contacting the Experts at Tutt Land

There is currently high demand for timberland, ranches, hunting land, and other rural properties in Alabama for sale. Whether you are a hunter, fisherman, or birdwatcher, searching for a weekend getaway or just wanting to make a sound property investment, there has never been a better time to purchase rural land for sale in Chambers County, AL. Contact Tutt Land today to review land listings, discuss your options, and find the perfect property for you.

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