Land For Sale in Lee County, AL

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Discover the Benefits of Land for Sale in Lee County, Alabama

Most investors realize how profitable property ownership can be, but they also know that there are specific details that they must take into consideration before they close on a sale. The rural land for sale in Lee County, Alabama is attractive to potential property investors for many reasons, and the first step they take is determining the purpose of the land they choose to buy. In addition to knowing what they intend to use the Alabama land for, responsible buyers also set a budget. This budget, in combination with the purpose of the land for sale, allows them to make the best choice as they search the properties available in Lee County. AL land for sale is often attractive to investors because the state boasts very low property taxes compared to land for sale in other places. The land for sale in Lee County, Alabama is full of possibilities, which makes it a popular choice for many investors. 

With a prime spot right in the center of the state of Alabama on the Georgia border, the land for sale in Lee County is in a central location in close proximity to both the gulf and the mountains. Two rivers provide the watershed of the county, with the Chattahoochee and its tributaries on the east side and the Tallapoosa and its tributaries to the west. With so much water running through the land for sale in Lee County, AL, the properties for sale feature a great deal of biodiversity that buyers find attractive. The wildlife makes hunting and fishing some of the most popular activities in the area, and the views of the rivers increase the value of properties for sale close by.

Why Invest in Property for Sale in Lee County, AL 

AL land for sale is a valuable commodity throughout the state, but Lee County is especially popular for its varied terrain and access to water, which renders the land quite flexible for hunting, timber, farming, and development. The land for sale in this area was traditionally used for raising cattle and farming cotton and various other crops. Some of the ground is developed for this use, but much of the land for sale is covered in vast expanses of timber, which is a booming industry. While investors can rent the land to farmers or farm it themselves, many are choosing parcels that feature mature timber growth and the potential to continue producing trees.

The timberland for sale in Lee County, Alabama is one of its greatest assets. The land for sale here offers the potential to see a great return on investment for generations if a timber plantation is established and run effectively. The oak varieties, along with various types of pine and other hardwood species, grow well in the rich Alabama soil and don’t require much maintenance. This allows landowners to focus on the harvest of mature trees as younger ones grow.

Investors are also drawn to Alabama, and to the timber industry, for the convenience of being able to make a profit off of their land while enjoying sport hunting on the property. Some of the properties that are fed by tributaries also feature ponds that are stocked with fish, which adds an additional asset to the land for sale. Amateur fishermen find that the old ponds on former farms provide an idyllic spot for them to enjoy the day and relieve stress.

What Natural Resources Does Land for Sale in Lee County Offer? 

The parcels of land for sale in Lee County, AL are rife with game that hunters spend hours tracking and hunting. Trophy white-tailed buck and wild boars are among the many types of wildlife you will find on the land listings in this part of Alabama. Ducks and turkey are also popular among hunters in this region, so there is always something for the sportsman to do with his time on AL land for sale. The presence of so many varieties of wildlife is one of the reasons investors choose Alabama as the state in which to buy rural land for sale.

Since Lee County, AL is situated on the banks of the Tallapoosa and the Chattahoochee Rivers, one thing property owners find is an abundance of fish in the waterways that cross their properties and in the rivers themselves. There are countless types of fish in these waters, but the ones that property owners catch most frequently include catfish, bass, and crappie.

Selecting Your Parcel of Land in Lee County

The land for sale in Lee County is some of the most sought-after in the state of Alabama due to its timber forests and vast array of wildlife. The comfortable climate is ideal for farming and tree growth, as well as outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. The average price for a parcel of land for sale in Lee County is currently $415,523, but these property values will likely increase in the coming years, so now is the time to buy.

Although there are many ways to use the land for sale in Lee County, AL, the most popular choices among investors include creating private hunting grounds and harvesting valuable timber from the property. When you own a large parcel of land, you can do both and get the most out of your investment. To get the best perspective on land for sale here, start with Tutt Land Company’s website, which offers photographs and detailed property descriptions to potential buyers.

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