Land for Sale in Tallapoosa County, AL 

Named after the river that offers exceptional fishing, Tallapoosa County comprises 701 square miles of land located in the east-central part of Alabama. The area offers prime land for sale at reasonable costs. Tallapoosa County is primarily found within the Piedmont physiographic section, a low, rolling plateau that serves as fertile land for agriculture. The ridges in this hilly landscape are composed of light clay soils, while the valleys feature rich loam that is high in nutrients and can sustain a range of trees, crops, and vegetables. Tallapoosa County supports a thriving timber industry, so properties here are exceptionally valuable and form a wise, market-protected investment with decades of future profits.

Valuable Timber in Tallapoosa County, AL Land for Sale

Over 170,000 acres of land in Tallapoosa County contain trees that are classified as sawtimber, meaning they display sufficient quality and growth to be used for the production of lumber and its potential sale. Between 2001 and 2014, more than 830,000 tons of softwood and hardwood varieties were harvested from this land. Even so, the rate of replacing this timber continues to outpace the rate of harvesting, with every ton of cut timber replaced by 1.55 tons of fresh growth. Making a land investment in Tallapoosa County provides you with high-quality timber that can be harvested, put up for sale, and regrown for generations, allowing you to accumulate and pass down wealth in addition to helping manage the environment in a sustainable way.

Abundant Resources for Use in Sale 

The rich natural resources of Tallapoosa County, AL do not go unnoticed by either individual investors or large corporations looking to maximize their sales profit. A subsidiary company of Ziebach & Webb Timber Co., Dadeville Pole Co. signed a sales agreement to acquire 23 acres of property for the construction of a $5 million mill that will manufacture and ship power poles, pilings, and other products used by utility suppliers. It is a huge economic boost to this rural land, not only supplying direct jobs to operate the facility, but also serving as a source of income for timberland property owners who supply it with local wood to make these products. There has never been a more fortuitous time to buy timber-covered AL land for sale in Tallapoosa County.

Outstanding Fishing in Tallapoosa County Property for Sale 

In addition to valuable timberland that owners can opt for sale, Tallapoosa County, AL offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor sportsmen throughout the year. Freshwater sources filled with popular game fish that draw anglers from across Alabama. The Tallapoosa River flows north-south through the middle of the county land, starting in Georgia around 40 miles west of Atlanta and running throughout eastern Alabama. At a length of 235 miles, this river encompasses a watershed of 4,675 square miles and features an impressive variety of fish species in its clear waters. Redeye bass are found in the upper river, largemouth and spotted bass are plentiful in the entire basin, and the middle of the river is excellent for catfish, white bass, and striped bass fishing. Property for sale along the Tallapoosa River is remarkably valuable and rural land in this area of Alabama doesn’t stay on the market for long.

Along the Tallapoosa River is Lake Martin, which was created from the building of the Thomas Wesley Martin Dam. One of the biggest of Alabama’s manmade lakes, this reservoir covers 40,00 acres and includes over 700 miles of shoreline. It is supplied by a watershed comprising 3,000 square miles of land in east-central Alabama and provides vital economic and recreational opportunities for the state. Widely known as the “pearl of Alabama” by outdoor sportsmen, Lake Martin offers excellent fishing all year round, especially for bass anglers, producing large, high-rated catches of spotted bass, striped bass, and black bass. Crappie, catfish, bluegill, and sunfish are plentiful, as well. Land for sale near Lake Martin is a fisherman’s paradise.

Food Plots Attract Game in Tallapoosa County, AL Land for Sale

One of the most essential elements in a hunting tract of superior quality is the inclusion of food plots for wildlife planting to attract various game species. Mixed plots of trees, shrubs, and crops in Tallapoosa County properties serve to enhance the quality of the animals and form an integral component of habitat management programs. Plants that draw the attention of white-tailed deer include corn, alfalfa, clover, oats, chicory, soybeans, and wheat. During cold weather, plot land is filled with crops of high nutrient value to assist the deer during this nutritionally stressful time of year. During spring and summer, high-protein crops are planted to support fawn production and antler growth.

Hunting land for sale is a common but valued commodity. The other favorite game species of Alabama hunters, wild turkeys can also be attracted by land that includes food plots. Restricted availability of nesting and rearing habitat is the most influential factor limiting turkey populations, so the active management of food plots can help alleviate this problem. Crops planted for deer and game-bird mixtures form a reliable food source while the native plants that grow along foot plot edges serve as the perfect habitat for wild turkeys, as well as bobwhite quail and other game wildlife species. 

Along with the hunting advantage they provide, food plots in Tallapoosa County, AL encourage the habitat diversity of forested landscapes, forming openings that allow plants to thrive in areas they normally would be unable to survive. Tilling and fertilization enhance the quality and variety of these plants. Up to 10% of your acreage can be turned into food plots ranging from one acre to more than five acres. Land for sale in Tallapoosa County that doesn’t include established food plots will often contain fallow fields that are the perfect candidates for setting up these plots.

Tutt Land Experts Help You Purchase AL Land for Sale in Tallapoosa County

Whether you are interested in investing in hunting land for sale or looking to develop a planned community in Alabama, Tallapoosa County is at the center of a booming economy ripe with opportunities for substantial returns on investment in any sale. It contains a number of properties for sale with desirable features, including well-established roads, power and utility lines, mature timber stands, freshwater sources with excellent fishing, attractive food plots to support wildlife, and trophy class populations of white-tailed deer and wild turkey to please any hunter. 

The thick timber growth and extensive resources for hunters and anglers make land for sale in Tallapoosa County a hot commodity. There are currently $48 million worth of rural properties available for sale in this county, accounting for 5,700 acres. Our experts at Tutt Land have over 70 years of experience in negotiating land sales and can guide you through the entire process of managing and developing Alabama land. Check out our website for detailed land listings in Tallapoosa County with photographs and sale information or contact our team directly to discuss your purchase options. 

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