Land for Sale in Coosa County, AL

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Owning property in Alabama is a smart investment, considering the abundance of natural resources present on properties for sale. Tracts of land can be resold at a later date for a higher cost of sale or used as bountiful private hunting grounds depending on your preference. Regardless, if you are interested in Alabama land for sale, Coosa County is an excellent choice.

Coosa County, Alabama is located in the east-central part of the state known as a prime location for logging. The area offers an abundance of hunting and fishing properties, as it is a haven for various types of wildlife. With such valuable assets present, a land purchase in Coosa County is one that you will never regret. In addition to the plentiful game often seen on property for sale, Coosa County is also home to the Coosa Wildlife Management Area, which is one of Alabama’s oldest public hunting areas.

Hunting in Coosa County

Coosa County, AL offers an array of activities for the avid hunter who is seeking rural land for sale in southeastern states like Alabama. The county has about 5,000 acres of prime land for sale that is perfect for hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities. Coosa County is popular for its rural land that enthusiasts seek when they want a property for sale that is perfect for hunting white-tailed deer. For the hunter who enjoys the harvest of various other wildlife, the benefits of the land for sale include ideal locations for dove hunting and other types of fowl like turkey, ducks, and quail. If you think that is all that the AL land for sale in Coosa County offers to outdoorsmen, though, you are wrong. Wild boar are another popular animal that big game hunters can harvest on this land.

Like most outdoor enthusiasts, you are most likely searching for fishing as well when you look for land for sale in Coosa County, AL. Catfish and largemouth bass are some of the fish that most anglers hope to catch in the waters of Coosa County, but there are other species like striped bass, spotted bass, bream, and crappie, too. While choosing a property for sale that contains a fully stocked body of water can have its perks, it is not necessary in a place like Coosa County, which offers plenty of prime fishing locations in the surrounding countryside. The Coosa River and the many county lakes are all ideal for fishermen in search of a good spot.

How Much Does Land for Sale in Alabama Cost?

A large majority of property buyers want to know that they are getting the best value for the land their realtor has listed for sale. The best thing about purchasing land in Coosa County, Alabama is that the properties are worth every penny. The average price of land for sale in Alabama varies, depending on the property location. The average sale price for land is $12,356 per acre, but rural land is often much more budget-friendly, with an average cost of $2,300 per acre. This is much less than buyers pay for properties for sale in most of the country, and the return on the buyer’s investment is typically a benefit when they sell the land, as investors show more interest in Alabama’s land listings every year. The cost that most buyers expect to pay for a hunting property in Coosa County, AL is $504,957, and since there are about 5,000 acres of land for sale to sportsmen in Coosa County, almost anyone can find something that suits their needs.

More About Land for Sale in Coosa County, Alabama

A lot of individuals who take an interest in property for sale in counties like Coosa County, Alabama are searching for more than simply land. Many will be using the property as a second home when they go fishing and hunting. You might be searching for land that already has a home on it. A lot of the properties that Tutt Land Company lists for sale offer homes, outbuildings, and barns in addition to the acreage. Some of the properties that we list for sale also feature creeks, lakes, and ponds. Regardless of what you are wanting to buy, the rural land Tutt Land has for sale in Coosa County provides a wide selection of features.

Timber investment is one of the many reasons buyers look at property for sale in Coosa County. The land that we have available for sale is stocked with many types of trees that may help alleviate the cost of the investment. In addition to the merchantable pine on the Alabama land that Tutt has for sale, you will find many other trees. The timber that the land for sale in Coosa County has to offer is one of the many benefits of purchasing land here. There are many types of hardwood trees, as well as sawtooth oak, fruit trees, and other varieties of oak in the wooded areas of the land we list for sale. Many hunters who buy land for recreation in Alabama choose a Coosa County property with forests and pastures, then rent the farmland out, which also helps to boost the return on investment.

Anyone looking for an Alabama hunting property should trust Tutt Land Company to help them choose the best place to invest their money and spend their time. We list some of the greatest hunting properties for sale in Coosa County. Visit our website, or call on our team today at (334) 627-4004.

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