Buying Rural Land in Perry County, AL

One of the most sound financial decisions one can make is the purchase of rural land for sale. With abundant natural resources, sought-after privacy and seclusion, and reasonable property prices, the purchase of land for sale in Perry County, AL is even better yet. Located right in the middle of the beautiful state of Alabama and right on the edge of the Appalachian Mountain range, Perry County is any avid huntsman’s dream. With nearly one thousand square miles of beautiful fields, scenic views, and dense woods, this area has some of the best hunting in the country. Its natural landscape is unparalleled, all while being within driving distance to three popular Alabama cities: Birmingham, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa. The soil here is rich, and the natural resources of the area’s land for sale have unlimited economic potential for landowners. With land prices growing by the day, the idea of finding rural land for sale in Perry County should not be ignored. 

Why Perry County, AL Land Opportunities

For the avid hunter, Perry Count is a natural choice for finding property for sale. Being landlocked in Alabama, the properties for sale consist of forests that house incredibly plentiful game. White-tailed deer, turkey, duck, and other small game roam the landscape in droves, allowing for frequent and successful hunting trips right on one’s own property. Finding and buying land for sale in Perry County allows for private hunting. Because of Alabama’s amenable hunting laws, hunting is popular in the area, and there are several options for hunting clubs throughout Perry County. However, landowners are permitted to hunt on their property, so finding one’s own plot of land for sale is a significant advantage when looking to hunt regularly. 

Fishing is much the same on Perry County, AL land for sale. Due to its landlocked nature, the area’s fishing communities rely on lakes, ponds, rivers, and tributaries for catching fresh fish. One can expect to find an array of Bass, Rainbow Trout, and Sturgeon in Alabama’s waters, among other species as well. It is a significant part of Alabama culture to catch and eat fresh fish regularly.

Perry County’s rural land sales consist of lush, plentiful growth. Due to its location on the Alabama Black Belt, the soil in Perry County is rich with nutrients, specifically calcium. This makes the area absolutely ideal for farming or planting of almost any kind and encourages natural growth and greenery. This phenomenon also provides a wonderful financial opportunity for property owners in Perry County to harvest and sell lumber. The forests on many plots of land for sale provide pine, oak, and hickory, all of which are profitable in the lumber industry. The sale of which is an excellent revenue stream for landowners in the area. Because Alabama has such dense and plentiful forests, there is a minimal amount of effort or maintenance required to profit off of Perry County, AL’s land’s resources. The weather in Perry County, AL helps as well, with the reliable wet season providing a great habitat for trees and crops alike.

The sale prices in Perry County are very reasonable, and rural land sale prices have only been rising in recent years. Private areas for sale with relative proximity to the amenities of major cities, such as the land sales found in Perry County, are rapidly growing in both popularity and value, making this an amazing place to find land sales that you can profit off of in the future.

First Steps to Find AL Land for Sale 

The first step toward finding your perfect rural land sale is solidifying the intentions for the space. Consider what you would like to do with the land. Perhaps your choice is to hunt recreationally on the land. Maybe you’d like to build a home and live there. Potentially you’d prefer to develop the land commercially and farm its resources. Maybe you’re looking to profit off of the land’s sale in the future. Whatever you choose, it is important to identify your needs so that you can be sure to find a property sale that fits your values, and you are not swayed by jitters or flashy listings. The team at Tutt Land Company knows the land for sale in Alabama thoroughly and knows how to help you achieve your land sale goals, no matter what they look like.

Tutt Land Co.’s 70 years of land brokerage, management, and development make them experts in the ins and outs of the land for sale in Alabama. With hundreds of unique land listings in Perry County, AL, you are sure to find the property sale for you on Tutt Land Co.'s property search engine. With the ability to narrow sale results based on budget, desired area or areas, acreage, and county, the website ensures that you know all the information about potential Perry County, AL properties and the ups and downs of the sale. The Tutt Land Co. team has much the same attitude when it comes to in-person attention; you can rest assured that your needs will be heard and met and that the experienced team can find a property sale in Alabama that fits all of your qualifications. Contact us today to find the land sale of your dreams!

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