Land For Sale in Dallas County, AL

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Access to Resources for Rural Land Owners in Dallas County, AL

Many investments are volatile by nature, but one investment opportunity that remains solid is the purchase of land for sale in Dallas County, AL. Featuring a wealth of natural resources and assets, property owners can take advantage of the benefits themselves or hold onto the land as an investment to be re-listed for sale at a later date. Newcomers to Dallas County, AL will find the land for sale teeming with wildlife—thanks to the rich timber and abundance of waterways spread across the property.

The tracts of rural land for sale in Dallas County are full of opportunities for wealth and development. The land is also located relatively close to major Alabama cities, such as Birmingham and Montgomery—ensuring that property owners will have ready access to any supplies they might need after the sale. Plus, many of the tracts of land for sale feature additional internal road systems that allow for easy navigation across the property.

Those keener on the investment opportunities involved in the ownership of land for sale should take note of the rich Alabama timber present in Dallas County. Timber is an amazing asset, continually increasing in value and requiring little maintenance to remain profitable. The timber on land for sale in Dallas County generally consists of varieties of pine, such as loblolly pine, as well as mature hardwood.

Bodies of Water Are Key to the Natural Wealth of Dallas County, AL Land for Sale 

A big part of the diverse ecosystem that can be found in these types of Alabama property owes its existence to bodies of water and waterways that stream across the land for sale in Dallas County. The primary of these is the Alabama River, which runs straight through the center of Dallas County, AL. Multiple tributaries then carry the waters of the Alabama River all throughout Dallas County, often passing through the boundary lines of the various properties listed for sale. That is why much of the Dallas County, AL land for sale features bountiful creeks and streams. Some of the fish most commonly found in the Alabama River and its tributaries include several varieties of bass, such as largemouth, spotted, striped, and white—in addition to crappie and catfish.

In addition to the Alabama River, Dallas County, AL land for sale may feature tributaries from the Cahaba River or might intersect with the smaller Oakmulgee Creek. Aside from the previously mentioned bass, and crappie, Alabama’s Cahaba river also offers property owners varieties of sunfishes collectively referred to as bream, while fishermen in Dallas County, AL have reported large bass near the creek.

Wildlife Common to Dallas County, AL Land for Sale

Most of the properties for sale in Dallas County, Alabama consist of rural tracts of land isolated from any immediate urban centers. This, coupled with the natural food and water sources, ensure that there are ample amounts of wildlife present in Dallas County, AL land for sale. The most common animals found on land for sale are white-tailed deer and wild turkey, however, hunters have plenty of other options as well. Additional wildlife you might find include doves, quail, ducks, and pigs. In fact, some of the tracts of land for sale include duck ponds.

A benefit of being a property owner is that (since the land is private) once you’ve finalized the sale, you have full control over how much hunting occurs on the land. This means that you can ensure the wildlife continue to frequent your property on a regular basis and aren’t driven away from excessive human presence and overhunting. Given the size and shape of the parcels of land for sale in Dallas County, AL, you also have the freedom to develop it how you see fit, whether that involves adding additional food plots or placing hunting blinds in strategic locations. You can also study the preferred paths of Alabama wildlife across the property after the sale and add additional internal roads to the land in order to easily access the most densely populated areas.

Find Your Ideal Tract of Land for Sale in Dallas County, AL 

Tutt Land is the premier resource for land listings in Dallas County. While the average price of land for sale in this part of Alabama is $529,549, at Tutt Land you’ll find an extensive selection with various different combinations of features and prices. Each listing of rural land includes all the information necessary to locate the tract of land for sale best suited to your needs. Details about developments or construction on the land for sale, bodies of water, expanses of timber, frequent wildlife, and other features are all readily available, in addition to price and acreage. Listings for sale are updated on a regular basis, so prospective property owners should make sure to check back often.

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