Land For Sale in Hale County, AL

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Discovering What Hale County, AL Land for Sale Has to Offer

Located in Alabama’s Black Belt, Hale County has a wealth of land for sale available for prospective property owners. In addition to the nutrient-rich soil that characterizes Black Belt counties, Hale County, AL is also home to the city of Greensboro, which is known as the “Catfish Capital” of Alabama. In fact, the catfish farming industry is largely responsible for growing the economy of Hale County, AL. Those who choose to invest in land for sale in Hale County will have easy access to Greensboro, Alabama, and all the resources it has to offer. That said, if you prefer to catch fish yourself, you’ll likely be able to do so directly on your property, given the vast amount of bodies of water within Hale County, AL.

Hale County, AL Land for Sale Waterways

Within the limits of Hale County, AL, there are multiple bodies of water fully stocked with fish on land for sale. From an investor’s standpoint, having a waterway present on properties for sale adds to its value. The main source of freshwater in Hale County, Alabama is the Black Warrior River System, which is classified as the largest watershed within the state of Alabama.

The Black Warrior River System is responsible for a large amount of the diversity that can be found on land for sale in this part of Alabama, housing more than 127 species of freshwater fish. Fly-fishers, in particular, speak highly of the abundance and quality of spotted bass, which gathers in populations that number in the thousands per river mile. Fishermen have also reported catches of striped bass up to 70 pounds in size and blue catfish of up to 120 pounds and 4 ounces. Prospective property owners with an interest in fishing can enjoy all the bounties of the Black Warrior River System when purchasing land for sale in Hale County, AL.

The Geography of Hale County, AL Land for Sale

In addition to a bountiful river system, properties for sale in Hale County also benefit from the natural geography in this part of Alabama. Land for sale in Hale County generally consists of a combination of open, rolling prairies and forested coastal plains, frequently covered in forests of oak and pine. Given the importance and popularity of farming in Hale County, having prairies on your land for sale is an asset, adding to the overall value of the property. In fact, the United States values pastureland at an average of $1,400 per acre. If the land has been at all developed to sustain crops, it could be valued at an average of $4,100 per acre instead. For those primarily seeking to close on a sale of land for investment purposes, there are several tracts of land with features that could be marketed as agricultural. In fact, investing in agricultural land happens to be one of the most secure forms of investment.

The other main feature of land for sale in Hale County, Alabama is the variety of merchantable timber. Depending on your ambitions as an investor, you can develop the land into a proper timber foundation, profiting regularly off the sale of your valuable timber. For those less interested in being hands-on, merely owning timber present on a property after purchasing land for sale can be profitable, as timber is known to appreciate in value at a steady pace over the year. Merchantable trees that are often found on Hale County land for sale include cedar, bottomland hardwood, upland hardwood, painted pine, as well as other types of hardwood and mixed pine.

Hunting on Land for Sale in Hale County

With all of these natural features, Hale County property is home to diverse and healthy wildlife, making rural land for sale in this part of Alabama truly ideal for hunters. The most common animals hunted on private property are white-tailed deer and wild turkey. Waterfowl are also very prevalent on land for sale, which attracted various bodies of water during the winter. This includes wood duck. Closing a sale on private property for hunting is an excellent way to improve your hunting experience. Alabama already has some of the most accommodating regulations for hunters in the country, and they offer even more benefits to those hunting on their own land with extended hunting seasons. You can also customize where you want to place food plots on your property, where to add in hunting blinds, and were to construct trails—creating your ideal hunter’s paradise on available tracts of Hale County land for sale.

Purchase Land for Sale in Hale County

Regardless of if you prefer to utilize Hale County, Alabama land for sale for private hunting and marksmanship, as an asset for investment purposes, or some combination of the two, Tutt Land can help. Tutt Land offers up-to-date land listings of rural land for sale in Hale County. In addition to confirming the acreage and price of each property for sale in Hale County, Tutt Land also provides detailed information on the various natural features, resources, and development opportunities of each parcel for sale. This helps ensure you’re able to select the land that best suits your needs.

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