Land For Sale in Tuscaloosa County, AL

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Land for Sale in Tuscaloosa County, AL 

Land for sale in Tuscaloosa is both reasonably priced and highly coveted. Encompassing 1,336 square miles of land in west-central Alabama, Tuscaloosa County is the state’s second largest county and home to the University of Alabama. Because it straddles two distinct physiographic sections, this county offers a mixed assortment of geographical features. The northeastern part of Tuscaloosa County is dominated by property with extensive, dense forests and rolling hills, and land in the southeastern part is flat, low in elevation, and occasionally swampy. Such a variegated landscape allowed agriculture to flourish throughout the county’s history, as well as attracting timber industries for the harvest and sale of many species.

The location of this Alabama county, its varied landscape, and its array of natural resources has allowed Tuscaloosa County to grow rapidly, especially after the launch of hydroelectric power in the early twentieth century. Today, many manufacturing and production industries are booming on Tuscaloosa County properties, and the economy is ever-expanding and multi-faceted. Investors across the country are drawn to this region in pursuit of lucrative development projects. Property for sale in this area is incredibly valuable, highly sought after, and quickly acquired by knowledgeable investors.

Tracts of AL land for sale in Tuscaloosa County include numerous beneficial property features, such as mature hardwood trees for timber harvesting and game habitat, lake frontage, internal road systems with multiple property access points, established electricity, gas, and water supply lines, and many sites for the potential construction of homes or hunting cabins. Nutrient-rich Alabama soil supports prime farmland property for sale and many tracts in Tuscaloosa County contain a nice mixture of dense forest and green, open fields that can serve as cropland, pastureland, food plots, or even a series of dove fields for avid marksmen. 

Valuable and Varied Land Options for Sale in Tuscaloosa County, AL 

Tuscaloosa County’s variegated landscape is caused by the inclusion of two distinct physiographic sections with their own unique benefits and economic opportunities for development. Property for sale in the Cumberland Plateau section features flat-topped plateaus of high elevation gently sloping from the northeastern part of the county to the southwest and divided by wide, steep-sided valleys. Silt loam soil makes this property first-rate farmland that can sustain pretty much any type of plant life. The average real estate value of cropland in Tuscaloosa County is currently $3500 per acre, making it a wise property investment whether you want to grow crops or even harvest hay for sale to local farmers.

The flat land and smoothly rolling hills of Tuscaloosa County are also perfect for pastureland to support the management and sale of livestock year-round. Alabama pasture land for sale is especially valuable, with an average real estate value of $2600 per acre of property. This contrasts sharply with the national average of $1400 per acre, making it some of the most valuable pasture land for sale in the country. If hunting or fishing is what you’re looking for instead of animal husbandry, Tuscaloosa County contains an abundance of these opportunities, as well. When they purchase land for sale in this region, hunters can establish wildlife plantings to attract game species such as white-tailed deer and wild turkeys to their land, while fishermen can dam the meandering streams to create ponds to stock their property with their own private source of game fish.

Within the East Gulf Coastal Plain section of Tuscaloosa County, AL a variety of landscapes exist that support numerous economic options, making its properties for sale highly sought after. Like the Cumberland Plateau section, the East Gulf Coastal Plain section includes flat land and rolling hills, but it also features the fertile floodplains of the Alabama, Black Warrior, and Tombigbee rivers. Nutrient-rich sediment is carried by floodwaters to these areas, encouraging the growth of vegetation, creating a habitat for wildlife, and reducing the erosion of soil. This section of Tuscaloosa County also includes interesting topographic features such as cuestas, referring to ridges with one steep side and one gently sloping side, and flatwoods, or coastal plains. Within the flatwoods, slash pine and valuable longleaf pine form the main tree canopy, and the understory is composed of grasses and evergreen shrubs. 

High Quality Timber in Tuscaloosa County, AL

While loblolly pine is Alabama’s predominant pine species, longleaf pine is the economically competitive option for property owners looking to harvest timber for sale. It grows in a more direct straight line and includes less tapering, producing stronger, heavier timber. This species also has remarkable resistance to damage and disease and lives longer than loblolly pine, making it a high priced sale option. Land for sale with longleaf pine forms a profitable investment as this is the preferred choice for high-grade sawtimber. Trees on this rural land in Tuscaloosa County can be harvested, put up for sale, then regrown for decades of renewable wealth. And because loblolly pine stands require controlled burning for forest management, they are not only valuable in and of themselves, but create a habitat that supports the feeding and reproduction of many game species on the property. Endless opportunities for timber harvesting abound when you buy AL land for sale in Tuscaloosa County.

Land for Sale on Tuscaloosa County’s Exceptional Hunting and Fishing Resources

As a member of the Alabama Black Belt, Tuscaloosa County enjoys some of the most plentiful wildlife in the US, providing the ability to hunt and fish for multiple species throughout the year using various methods. The nutrient-rich soil that gives this region its name supports some of the best hunting land in the nation, producing huge bucks and turkeys, as well as large, high-quality specimens of various bass species. In fact, hunting and fishing generate over $3 billion worth of economic impact in Alabama, supporting almost 25,000 jobs and $364 million of salaries and wages for Alabama residents. Purchasing land for sale in Tuscaloosa County not only provides a great return on investment, it makes a positive impact on the local economy. 

The Mulberry Fork of the Black Warrior River offers exceptional opportunities for anglers of Tuscaloosa County, with wade fishing in the upper portion and float fishing in the lower portion filled with shoals, pools, and runs. Lake Tuscaloosa is another great site for fishing, with a water supply of $5,885 acres and a shoreline stretching 177 miles. The lake’s upper reaches are fertile areas for anglers. Largemouth bass, spotted bass, bluegill, crappie, and longear sunfish are abundant in both of these sources, with Lake Tuscaloosa also providing popular non-game species such as channel catfish, blue catfish, carp, freshwater drum, buffalo fish, shad, minnows, and shiners.

Contact Tutt Land to Purchase Land for Sale in Tuscaloosa County, AL

A combination of fertile fields, dense timberland and superior resources for hunting and fishing make AL land for sale in Tuscaloosa County a priceless investment. $44 million in rural properties are currently available for sale in this county, representing 8,053 acres. At Tutt Land, our team has the knowledge and skills necessary to help you find the perfect property for you. With over 70 years of experience negotiating and brokering rural land sales, our experts can help you accomplish your goals of managing and developing Alabama land. Our website is constantly updated with current land listings in Tuscaloosa County, AL and includes comprehensive sale information and detailed photographs. Contact us to discuss your future property investment.

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