Rural Land and Properties for Sale in Greene County, AL 

Green County, AL land for sale is located in west-central Alabama, an area also referred to as Alabama’s Black Belt. This area is recognized for its ample investment opportunities for prospective property owners. While Alabama’s Sipsey River Swamp system borders the north of the county, a variety of other bodies of water, including the Tombigbee River and its tributaries, cross the rest of the land for sale, providing property owners in Greene County, AL with a highly diverse selection of wildlife and natural resources.

Understanding the Value of Alabama’s Black Belt for Property Owners 

Land for sale in Greene County belongs to a part of Alabama known as the Black Belt. The name comes from the appearance of the soil on Greene County, AL land for sale, which is characterized by its dark hue. What makes soil on land for sale in the Black Belt so remarkable is the amount of nutrients present, allowing it to be far more rich than the soil in the rest of Alabama. The soil was largely responsible for a lot of the economic growth of Alabama’s Black Belt—given its suitability for cotton plantations, which still makes it a highly valuable resource for land investors today.

Black Belt soil is also very high in clay, which makes it so that water does not move as freely through it. This allows for the easy construction of ponds on Greene County, AL land for sale, as the soil will hold the water in a pool and prevent it from escaping. Land owners keen on making the most of their Alabama property for sale can use this information to create simple duck ponds, increasing the amount of wood ducks on the property for hunting and other purposes. Investors can do the same to the land for sale in order to easily increase the value of their Greene County property.

Other Natural Features of Greene County, AL Land for Sale

In addition to all the advantages the Black Belt of Alabama has to offer property owners, Greene County land for sale also benefits from the resources provided by Alabama’s Sipsey River Swamp system. The swamp consists of forested wetlands—and trees found throughout the Sipsey River Swamp System include American beech, bald cypress, swamp cottonwood, American elm, tupelo gum, southern red oak, and yellow poplar. This combination of features on Greene County land for sale provides all the nutrients and shelter necessary to sustain much of the Alabama wildlife in the winter, including white-tailed deer. Land for sale with portions of the swamp will allow property owners to take advantage of wildlife year-round.

Another advantage to those seeking land for sale near the Sipsey River is the various species of sportfish contained within its waters. Property owners interested in fishing will find largemouth and spotted bass, catfish, crappie, pickerel, and various different types of sunfish. Those with the necessary license can enjoy harvesting freshwater mussels as well. Largemouth bass are particularly popular in Alabama, as they are relatively easy to bait, yet provide enough of a challenge to reel in due to their strength.

Because of the amazing natural features of the land, timber grows easily in Greene County, Alabama. Timber is a highly valued asset, and requires little maintenance, making it an ideal asset on your land for sale. Some Alabama properties available for sale have even been moderately developed to include timber plantations. Acres of timber on land for sale in Greene County, AL generally include a mix of pine and hardwoods.

Wildlife on Land for Sale in Greene County, AL

There are several animals native to Greene County, Alabama that thrive in the ecosystems present on tracts of land for sale. The most popular wild game frequently found on land for sale includes white-tailed deer and wild turkey. In fact, across the state of Alabama, an average of 300,000 deer are harvested each year. Other animals that are also readily available for hunting on Greene County land for sale are quail and wood ducks.

Hunters will be pleased to learn that, in addition to having extremely low property taxes, Alabama has some of the most accommodating legislation for hunters in the country, especially when it comes to private landowners. This fact offers much more freedom for hunters to hunt on their property. Bag limits are very relaxed and hunting seasons in Alabama are much longer on privately owned land for sale.

Purchase Tracts of Land for Sale in Alabama’s Greene County

Greene County has so much to offer to prospective property owners and investors, and the best place to browse the land listings available for sale is Tutt Land. Tutt Land provides in-depth information about each property for sale on the site, going beyond simply pointing out the acreage and price. Instead, property pages detail the terrain, bodies of water, wildlife present, construction or developments, and any other information that might be useful to those wanting to procure land for sale.

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