Land for Sale in Washington County, AL

As Alabama’s oldest established colony dating from 1800, Washington County originally comprised much of the land in Alabama and Mississippi. It is situated in southwestern Alabama around 60 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico and forms part of the state line bordering Mississippi. Covering 1,081 square miles and 682,000 acres of mainly rural land, Washington County is part of the East Gulf Coastal Plain physiographic section and generally consists of gently rolling hills and extensive pine forests. The northern portion includes lime hills and a belt of fertile black prairie soil, while property in the central and southern parts primarily consists of heavy pine timberland with sandy soil. AL land for sale in this region is highly diverse.

Washington County’s economy always revolved around timber sales, but large sawmills operating at the turn of the century significantly boosted timber production and sales. Pine forests not only provide timber, but also supply valuable turpentine. This substance is used as a solvent in many industrial processes and became the county’s cash crop. Additionally, Washington County, AL land for sale features the potential of large underground salt deposits and natural gas, making it an even more profitable region to own property. If you want to take advantage of Alabama’s valuable natural resources, contact the experts at Tutt Land to see Washington County properties available for sale.

Prize Timberland in Washington County, AL Land for Sale

Washington County is heavily forested and is supported by a flourishing timber sale industry. Dense forest and pine plantations canopy almost 88% of the county, making property in this area greatly prized among investors and developers. Pine timber can be harvested, put up for sale, then regrown to serve as an easy, renewable investment for generations of profits. The economic demand for pine pulpwood demonstrates consistent growth in sale value, with the average price per ton increasing 34% between 2007 and 2016. Alabama timberlands grow more than one billion cubic feet of softwood stock for sale every year, and private owners in places like Washington County, AL control the vast majority of these forests. 

In addition to its abundant pine timberlands, Washington County, AL property for sale contains other softwoods like cedar and cypress, as well as a number of treasured hardwood tree species, including ash, beech, dogwood, hickory, and oak. Ash is used for architectural millwork, flooring, and cabinetry, while beech’s burning qualities mean it serves as a favorite fuel wood for sale. Incredibly dense dogwood is often used to produce shuttles for the textile industry. Beloved by grill masters everywhere for unparalleled flavor in smoking and curing all types of meat, hickory is also a favorite of woodworkers. As the hardest rated hardwood, hickory is difficult to crush and resists stress from shearing and straining, so it is often utilized in industrial applications. Washington County timber has a wide range of uses for its sale.

The immense variety of timber types available in Washington County makes land for sale here a wise investment. Most of the timber specimens on a property for sale in this area of Alabama grow to immense sizes and retain considerable sales value. Various companies continue putting money into Alabama’s forestry products industry, with investments escalating by a whopping 29% just between 2014 and 2015. Improvements in the housing market and domestic economy bolster high stumpage prices, and manufacturer sales demands keep expanding. Combined with a robust global market for paper and pulp, it is clear that this trend of rapid growth is likely to remain strong into the future. Land for sale in an area as densely forested and ripe for property development as that found in Washington County is highly sought after and these land listings rarely stay on the market for very long.

Washington County, AL Land for Sale Features Superior Fishing

Washington County offers first-rate fishing from the Tombigbee River, which flows along the county’s eastern border and contains many tributaries running westward along the land. Considered one of the southeastern US’s most critical rivers for biodiversity, the Tombigbee offers excellent opportunities for anglers all year round. Sportfish species like largemouth bass, bluegill, and bass are commonly caught on Washington County riverfront property, but what truly makes this river unique is the exceptional catfishing. Anglers come from hours away for the opportunity to catch flathead catfish over 50 pounds. The Alabama state record for a flathead is 80 pounds, but some can exceed 120 pounds.

This Alabama river provides the perfect habitat for these enormous creatures. The best fishing occurs between September and March, and an Alabama property owner with land in Washington County can take advantage of those record catfish as often as desired.

Contact Tutt Land to Purchase Land for Sale in Washington County, AL 

Whether you are looking to harvest timberland for decades of sales profit, rent out waterfront acreage to avid fisherman, or construct a planned community, Washington County provides a great opportunity for investment and development. Property for sale in this area of Alabama includes dense timberland filled with pine and valuable hardwoods, along with close proximity to abundant water sources. Many properties for sale lie along well-established road systems and include existing utility supply lines that could support multiple home sites. Washington County currently contains over $14 million in rural land for sale, accounting for 6,694 acres of property. The experts at Tutt Land command over 70 years of experience in land brokerage and can help you find the perfect AL land for sale.

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