Those seeking to get involved in land ownership will be pleased to hear about all the advantages of land for sale in Choctaw County, AL. Located in southwestern Alabama, Choctaw County encompasses 909 square miles of rural land for sale or 581,760 acres. Since its establishment in 1847, the forestry industry has served as the county’s economic backbone with valuable property for sale throughout. To date, timber remains one of the most reliable and safest investments available in Alabama. Choctaw County is also home to a variety of wild game, including white-tailed deer and turkey. Avid hunters will be pleased with the plentiful wildlife present on land for sale.

The Average Value of Land for Sale in Choctaw County

Choctaw County ranks 60th for the total acreage from rural properties and land for sale. These land listings amount to approximately $5 million and cover 52,321acres, with an average price of $234,312 per property. For those interested in a more detailed breakdown of the value of land for sale in Choctaw County—landowners choosing to rent their pastureland in 2020 reported an average cash rent value of $21.50 per acre, increased from $13.50 per acre in 2019. Choctaw County properties are filled with assets that are likely to continue appreciating in value, making it an ideal place for prospective land owners.

Alabama Timberland Property for Sale

Alabama is one of the most densely forested states, so the industry of forestry products for sale has played a significant role in the state’s economy throughout its history. This is especially true of Choctaw County. Its predominant forest type is oak-hickory, which accounts for 7.3 million acres, or 32% of the state’s forests. The most prevalent softwood species is loblolly pine, which accounts for 75% of softwood volume at around 12 billion cubic feet. Loblolly pine offers high value when it’s up for sale. The most prevalent hardwood species are red oaks, white oaks, yellow-poplar, sweetgum, and hickory species.

Of the nation’s 48 contiguous states, Alabama rates third in timberland coverage, holding around 23 million acres of timberland, or 71% of the total land area of the state. Timberland sales are high here. Forest coverage has increased by 21% since 1936. From 1953 to 2010, the volume of softwood growing-stock species increased by 163%, while the volume of hardwood growing-stock species increased 146%. Alabama’s timberland currently contains 14.8 billion cubic feet of softwood species and 15 billion cubic feet of hardwood species.

Alabama property rates second nationally in privately owned timberland coverage. In fact, as of 2010, nonindustrial private landowners owned close to 94% of the state’s forests, making land for sale here very valuable. A subset of private owners own 14.8 million acres, or 65% of the state’s forests. Part of their investment portfolio is diversified by sales of timber.

Value of Alabama Timber for Sale in Rural Land

With more money invested in forestry products, the industry has shown consistent profit and high sales. By all accounts, timber sales will remain strong for years into the future. AL land for sale in this area offers a significant return on investment. From 2014 to 2015, property investments and sales in Alabama’s forestry products industry increased by almost 29%, a remarkable achievement for a single year. Increased demand for materials, expansion of the housing market, and an improving domestic economy have resulted in increased stumpage prices for all products. All sources indicate this trend shows no signs of slowing down, making property investment in Choctaw County a smart move.

As national and global demand for these products continues to grow, so will the value of Alabama timberland. Clearly, now is the time to be checking out land for sale in rural land areas like Choctaw County and joining thousands of other landowners in prospering from Alabama’s timberland.

Alabama Land Near Choctaw National Wildlife Refuge for Sale

Forestry products for sale are abundant, but the land offers more than just investment opportunities. After its lucrative forestry industry, Choctaw County is best known for the Choctaw National Wildlife Refuge, available to nearby property owners interested in more hunting and fishing opportunities.

Established in 1964, this 4,218-acre refuge includes 2,265 acres of hardwood forest, 1,802 acres of lowland lakes, creeks, and swamps, and 151 acres of cropland. Management of the refuge land includes the selective harvesting of timber, which it will put up for sale, to open the tree canopy to allow sunlight to penetrate to the forest floor. This improves the wildlife habitat by encouraging new growth of herbaceous plants and hardwood trees on the property.

Wildlife available for hunting includes big game bow hunting for white-tailed deer and small game gun hunting for squirrels, rabbits, and raccoons. With the fall months come the arrival of waterfowl, as well as archery season for white-tailed deer and feral hogs. Small game hunting on the refuge opens in November, and winter waterfowl are at peak numbers on this property by December.

In addition, fishing is permitted all year round. Purchasing land for sale or property will ensure that regardless of the season, you’ll have access to outdoor recreational activities any time you please. The month of May is particularly best for fishing bass, catfish, bluegill, and bream, and those interested in benefiting from this fact will find that all local gas stations offer worms and bait for sale.

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If you are interested in purchasing property for sale in Alabama, heavily forested Choctaw County is one of the most profitable places to do so. The value of timberland is at an all-time high, with exciting opportunities and incredible returns on investment. To learn more about available land for sale in Choctaw County, call the experts at Tutt Land, a full-service real estate company committed to providing you with the most professional land purchasing experience. We work directly with foresters to ensure insight into timber products and to learn about the latest market trends. Our agents have over 70 years of experience in property management, development, and brokering various types of property sales.

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