Clarke County Land Sale Opportunities

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Nestled between two of Alabama’s most significant river systems in the southwest corner of the state, Clarke County, AL is a rural land sale seeker’s dream. As one of the state’s largest counties at just over 1,250 square miles of prime timberland, wildland, and hunting land, the area features another 14 square miles of water for premiere access to river and lake frontage, recreation, fishing, and more. If you are wanting to invest in AL land for sale for residential, timber, hunting, or other recreational uses—or all four—look no further than Clarke County, a true Alabama gem with plenty of property and plenty of land for sale.

Clarke County Sales Features

Currently, Clarke County, AL land listings for sale are diverse and plentiful, much like the species of fish, wildlife, and timber that can be found throughout the county. Land for sale includes vast swaths of timber property, perfect for an investment into the region’s major economic contributor; additionally, you will find fertile sections of rural land stocked with wild game, as well as properties near one of the county’s charming towns and cities. From well-known cities like Jackson and Thomasville to Grove Hill, Coffeeville, Fulton, and State Highway 43—the Alabama Freeway—even the most remote property you will find for sale in Clarke County remains within relatively easy access of all the necessary amenities.

Of course, any description of Alabama land up for sale would not be complete without noting the most significant natural features found on land throughout the county. The land offers much beauty for sale throughout the region. The Tombigbee River Basin dominates the geography and features a number of smaller tributaries and streams, creating marshes, ponds, and swamps in some areas and giving rise to a large number of wildlife species that thrive in this low-lying, Coastal Gateway region. In particular, Campbell’s Landing and Old Lock One feature areas for fishing, camping, and boating, while Coffeeville Reservoir offers 8,500 acres of fisheries and boating on a 97-mile stretch of the Tombigbee.

On the other side of Clarke County, the Alabama River forms the border, boasting the Claiborne and Dannelly Reservoirs as well as Miller’s Ferry, with excellent catfish, whitefish, broam, and bass fishing opportunities from bank or boat. You will be surprised at the amazing opportunities present in Alabama land for sale.

Timberland and Hunting Opportunities in Land for Sale

One of the most lucrative property sale opportunities in Alabama involves access to the acres of premium timberland for sale in Clarke County, AL. The rich coastal soil is ideal for producing the thick forest lands in the area, including hardwoods like oaks, hickories, magnolias, and gums, as well as many species of Alabama pines—all capable of sustaining the lumber, sawmill, and woodworking industries that are Clarke County’s lifeblood. An investment in Clarke County timberland property at a reasonable cost per acre has provided averages of 6% to 9% returns on investments in the short to medium term, with even more profitable returns over the long term.

Better yet, the vast majority of the timberland property listings available and for sale in Clarke County, AL are teeming with wildlife, thanks to the fertile river lands that snake through this prime acreage. A premiere example is the 18,207-acre Scotch Wildlife Management Area near Chilton. Similarly, private lands for sale and previously utilized for timber growth often feature numerous roads and trails and can easily double as prolific hunting land, both for personal use and for lease to individual sportsmen and hunting clubs alike.

Generous Land Options for Sale

Alabama sales property is host to abundant wildlife, including white-tailed deer, feral hogs, wild turkeys, doves, and quails, as well as rabbits, foxes, and raccoons, and the throng of hunters and trappers that pursue hunting opportunities on these lands provide a significant offset to any land investment. Best of all, Alabama is home to relatively generous hunting seasons and hunting limits, allowing investors to access hunt club activity year-round—and take advantage of the land sale and development opportunities the clubs provide.

How to Buy Land for Sale In Clarke County, AL

The decision to pursue premium property for sale in Clarke County has proven one of the most lucrative choices our investors have ever made. Within its vast swaths of timberland, fertile hunting grounds, and widespread network of rivers, streams, and other waterways lies an opportunity for investment, rural living, and outdoor recreation unrivaled by most areas of the United States. The heart of Alabama wildland for sale truly resides here in Clarke County, AL—and the heart of the wild property investor will find financial and personal fulfillment as a result.

Tutt Land Company is proud to feature a wide selection of some of the most prime pieces of Clarke County AL land for sale. Our properties include timber and hunting tract sales, ideal for investment opportunities, personal use, logging, hunting, or even residential development at buyer-friendly prices from $1,100 to $10,000 an acre depending on the area. If you are in the market for rural investment land in Alabama, Clarke County property via Tutt Land Company is the answer. Reach out to request more information about land sales in Clarke County, or speak with a Tutt Land Company qualified broker or sales agent today.

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