Land for Sale Alcorn County, MS

This northeastern Mississippi county is named after the state's 28th governor James Alcorn. It emerged in 1870, having witnessed the Siege of Corinth in 1862. Alcorn County, MS has Corinth as its seat and largest city.

Of the total 401 square miles, Alcorn County, Mississippi comprises 400 square miles of land and 1.3 square miles of water. The adjacent counties include McNairy to the north, Prentiss to the south, Tishomingo to the east, Tippah to the west, Hardin to the east, and Hardeman to the northwest.

Average Value of Alcorn County, MS Land Listings

Alcorn County, MS ranks 80th out of the state's 82 counties in terms of total land for sale listings displayed. The new listings, which cover around 464 acres, have a value of more than $3 million, bringing rural land average values to $192,569.

Timberland Property for You in Alcorn County, MS

Whether you're seeking wooded parcels for timber sale or you want to engage in sustainable foresting and logging, Alcorn County, MS is ideal for your next timberland investment. There are many benefits to buying forested land for sale in Alcorn County, Mississippi. First, timber plantations purify the air and water sources while minimizing soil erosion.

What's more, timberland makes an ideal home site thanks to the trees' wind-breaking qualities. Not to mention the financial advantages that come with it. With rising demand in timber, you're tapping into a viable revenue source when they mature. Likewise, your timber can remain in the fields awaiting favorable market prices. Remember, your land will likely continue to appreciate throughout this period. You could also use the parcel for recreational activities such as hunting and camping if you so choose.

Farming Properties for Sale in Alcorn County, Mississippi

Alcorn County land suits different types of farming. You could grow oilseeds, beans, peas, and nuts. Land for sale in Alcorn County also favors veggies, potatoes, berries, and floriculture. If you intend to keep livestock on Alcorn County land, you can try poultry, cattle, goats, horses, and sheep.

Note that agriculture in Alcorn County has a rich history. Alcorn was one of the leading tobacco and livestock producers in Mississippi in 1880. However, the wheat and corn output at the time was average, with cotton production being low.

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